Back to School with DK Canada

The summer for us consists of my children hanging out with their friends, playing video games and doing the bare minimum. I am lucky if  I can get them to watch  or read something educational during this time. I am surprised they can even remember anything they were taught during the school year sometimes. So often I like to  bring in some books to help refresh their memories. You know, get them excited for school. Well in the case of  my youngest  who will be starting  JK, I am just trying to get her comfortable with the idea.

DK Canada sent me the following books to help the kids get back to school ready.

Pocket Genius series ( Animals / Dinosaurs / Rocks and Minerals / Sharks ) and Help your kids with Math and the Math dictionary.

Pocket Genius: Sharks profiles more that 150 sharks and rays — from the great white to the tiny dwarf lantern — and tells what they eat, where they live and how fast they swim.

Pocket Genius: Rocks and Minerals profiles nearly 200 types of rocks and minerals from volcanic rocks and granite to sparkling diamonds and explosive sulfur, and tells what they are made of, how they are formed and what they are used for.

Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs profiles more than 140 prehistoric animals and features fossils, skeletons, anatomy and history as well as species including dinosaurs on land, winged pterosaurs in the sky and a range of sea monsters in the ocean

From the tiny firefly to the might elephant, in Pocket Genius: Animals discover the lives of nearly 200 animals — what they eat, what eats them, where they live and how big they are.

My kids have been loving the Pocket Genius series. The detailed pictures and quick access info is a lot of fun to check out. Since it is summer they are not interested in the Math books  but I know they will be using them  soon for helpful tips.

Watch for a giveaway posted soon of these great Back to School books.


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