Meeting new people, Margaritas and Texas My Blissdom Recap

Being a Canadian blogger I went into the conference, Blissdom 13 (Texas)  not knowing what to expect. I really did not know anyone except a small handful of online friends. I arranged to have two roommates (one a fellow Canuck and the other an online friend for quite some time) Don’t worry, we either met in person before or chatted on the phone enough to know we were not serial killers. I must say I loved Blissdom Texas!


For some of the conference we hung out together. We arrived together or left together. We also purposely went our own ways often. After all growing my blog and networking does not benefit them nor does their work benefit me. As well we are all different and we all wanted something different out of the conference. When I ventured on my own I was so surprised by how many friendly people I met. Smiley faces, welcoming bloggers and truly generous personalities. I had heard many great things about Blissdom both in Canada and USA. I am so happy I experienced it for myself.

The genuine love many of the bloggers had for blogging and each other was amazing.

The urge to grow and share and network was contagious. The happiness glowed and showed on everyone’s faces. I met Canadian bloggers I had never met before (all the way n Texas) as well as hugged many I have known for so long. I was recognized by other bloggers (by face or name)  I had briefly encountered online and quickly became friends with. Lining up for experiences , photos and drinks gave us all a chance to chat and get to know each other. I am so happy i went.

I am usually a friendly, outgoing and confident person. I am a plus sized gal but in my environment I feel like I own it. I at first felt out of my comfort zone at the conference (not knowing many people). This was something new for me. I had never been to a conference this big or this far from home. I may have looked grumpy at first, but to those who smiled at me, I smiled back.  I found everyone from the airport to the hotel, to the conference so lovely and wonderful.

So much so that I am going to go to the next Blissdom conference both here and in the states (hopefully). I did not attend any sessions (I know, bad blogger) But that was not my intent. I listened to the Key note speakers, attended the evening events, the newcomer meetup and the breakfasts. I met with brands and formed some great relationships, that I hope will develop into something great for them, my blog and all of you. I also networked. I met so many wonderful bloggers and have developed friendships I never would have if I did not attend. I loo forward to some of these new friendships becoming partnerships and cross promotional opportunities.

A few things I did see, lots of was cowboy boots, smiles and celebs 🙂

I now know what people mean when they say finding your Bliss at Blissdom.



  1. Perfect happiness; great joy.
  2. Something providing such happiness.
felicity – beatitude – blessedness – happiness

Oh by the way, I won a years worth of coffee from Seattle’s Best and some fab window coverings to help me sleep. Not sure why people do not talk about swag, but I had to send a box home to get it all here (still waiting for it to arrive) So happy that the people from Extra Space Storage offered to ship boxes home for all up to 15lbs (free)

Below are some of my fave pics


Some of the swag I was able to pack in my carry on (above) My fab roomies (below) Debi from the Spring Mount 6 Pack and Olfa from Our Family World

roomiesPictures from inside the atrium in the middle of the hotel (Gaylord Texan)


Margaritas were my drink of choice 🙂


And I got my hair curled in the VO5 booth for my headshots and my sketch



Attending this conference was one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had as a blogger. I enjoyed every minute of it even when I was home sick and  missing my kids. I want to thank Blissdom and all the wonderful people who organized it and do so every year. I also want to thank the amazing people of Texas for being so kind and generous.  Texas felt like my home away from home. I love Southern hospitality 🙂

And for one of my faves MINION time!



One final thing. I am never going to be able to hear this song again without thinking of Blissdom Texas.


  1. I am so glad you ventured south to attend BlissDom Texas Style. 🙂 It was awesome running into Canadians on that cowboy boot 'n hat carpet. See you again soon.
    My recent post A Leap of Faith and 20 Years Later…

  2. I LOVED Blissdom Canada and would love to go to Blissdom in the U.S. So glad you had a wonderful time. Congrats on your free coffee and all of your new friendships 🙂
    My recent post Q & A with YYZ Bambina

  3. I would have loved to go to Blissdom Texas! Looks like it was a wonderful chance to network with both brands and bloggers. Hopefully I can make it to Blissdom up here this year!
    My recent post New Kraft Fruit & Veg dressings deliver on bold salads! #NewPourables

  4. Sounds like fun. Sadly, I've never really gone to a bloggers' conference where there were many sessions and/or vendors have been truly relevant for my site. I have made some discoveries, but I find trade and craft shows a bit more helpful.

  5. chickymara says

    How amazing!! I will confess that I only went to ONE session at Blogher last summer. I felt exactly the same way when I was in NYC. I hope to go to Blissdom one year as well. We're glad to have you back, though, in Canada. you were missed.

  6. Sounds like a Great time Kim, I am sure that the relationships formed and the links made will definitely be a benefit.
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  7. Love this recap and the photos. I have always read about Blissdom in the US but never knew any Canadians that attended but now I can say I do!

    Sounds like a lot of fun and you got to enjoy some nice weather too instead of what we had here in Canada

    Maybe we'll run into each other at Blissdom Canada this year 🙂
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