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During our recent trip to Blue Mountain Resort my family was able to participate in something we normally would not. 

Zip lining!

Located just up the road (we went by shuttle) from Westin Lodge is the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures.  When we arrived we all gathered around for a brief orientation. My  boys were eyeing the stocked pond full of huge trout. Fishing was not permitted but we were able to feed them So we did before we left for lunch. 

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Scenic Caves Nature Adventures strives to provide a safe and unique recreational experience for people of all ages. Through qualified, interested and dedicated staff, we make every effort to exceed our visitors’ expectations. Our attraction is committed to preserving the natural, environmental, and historical significance of an important site on the Niagara Escarpment.

At Scenic Caves Nature Adventures, we offer our visitors a unique opportunity to experience our natural wonders through education, environment and leisure .


The property alone was magnificent. having my teen boys with me I knew they would want to get up tot he zip line and start their adventure. The walk up the mountain was long, narrow and really gave ma  work out. Some of the rocks were slippery as were the steps. There were railings and bridges throughout for easier access. The journey up was a  lot of fun and very educational. We took our time and checked out the various caves and scenic points along the way. 

Having lived on the West Coast of Canada this to my children was not a mountain. It was however still very high up and most likely the highest I have eve been in Ontario. It also reminded me of the West Coast Rain-forests. Untouched, cool and beautifully covered in green from ground to tree top.  As we worked our way up we really did not know what to expect. I think it took us an hour to reach the top. Along the way we discovered all there was to see and read the signage. 

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My youngest was full of energy and able to keep up to her older brothers. Me, not so much lol I took advantage of the benches along the way and opted out of going deep into the caves. 

When we reached the top we walked around while we waited for the Thunderbird Twin Zip line to open.  First thing everyone was to do was to be fitted for a harness. Once they were ready they did the test line. If people were afraid of the test. the could opt out of the real thing. I actually was surprised at how high the zip line started and how fast the staff members went down it for their test run. 



My boys were very brave as were my friends family members who took the challenge and zipped down the mountain. I was very nervous for them. They truly loved it! My little one was sad she was not old enough but I am glad she was not. That means I would have had to do it too and I may have chickened out lol The staff was very knowledgeable and well trained. I knew my boys were in good hands. 



Two people would depart the holding area at once. My boys both went out at the same time. 



As soon as the gates opened they were off or I should say, down. They had control of their speed all the way down. 



We met them at the bottom of the mountain over near the train. It took us a lot longer to reach the bottom than them. So they had time to check out the suspension bridge while they waited. Time flew by super fast while we were there. The kids fed the fish and checked out the gift shop while we waited for our ride. It was an amazing time and truly a once in a life time experience. 

We could have easily spent the entire day there. There was so much to do. 

Green season activities (spring, summer, fall):

  • Self-guided tour of caves & caverns, nature trails
  • Guided Eco Adventure Tour (treetop canopy walking and ziplining)
  • Suspension Bridge
  • New! Thunderbird Twin Zip Line
  • Gemstone mining
  • Mini golf
  • Trout pond
  • Picnic area and Snack bar
  • Rocky the Train and tractor/wagon rides (note seasonal schedule)

Visit Scenic Caves Nature Adventures for current prices and to start booking your adventure today. 

My boys are looking forward to returning and so is my daughter. There was lots to do for the entire family. I am glad we had this experience. I had no idea this kind of adventure was available here in Ontario. (on a side note, my legs were aching for days walking up and down the mountain. So I got a work out from this as well) 

Do you think you would want to try this adventure?


  1. Judy C (Cowan) says

    I grew up in Collingwood and can you believe I have never been to Scenic Caves….lol

  2. Oh I'd love to see the scenic caves. It would be really cool to see the ice cave, how unique! I know what you mean about Ontario and Mountains. It kills me that the escarpment here in Niagara is considered a mountain. (Giggles)
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  3. I'd love to try the Scenic Caves but not the zip line! Terrified of heights but my husband wants to try for sure. Next time we're up at Blue Mountain we're going to find time to do them both!
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  4. I think it would be a blast. It looks like a beautiful place.

  5. amomhavingfun says

    That looks beautiful! I went ziplining once…my children all went before me and then it was my turn. The only thing I could think if is why would anyone want to jump off a platform with nothing but air below them! But then my 3 kids, who were only 9 and 4 at the same time were on the ground below. I had no choice but to close my eyes and jump! lol
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  6. what an adventure! I could see my family enjoying some of these activities and excursions, except the zip line. I am not brave enough for that!
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  7. I would love to visit these caves and do the ziplining once in my life too! I think it would be a great experience.
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  8. looks like a beautiful place to take an adventure 🙂


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