Canada’s Wonderland in the Fall


When many people think about Canada’s Wonderland they think of a great summer destination. We love going in the summer, but I prefer the Fall. Cooler temperatures, shorter lines and all the same fun. The shows that are scheduled daily in the summer are not going on in the Fall but everything else is. Plus this time of year there is all kinds of spooky fun including Halloween Haunt.

The last time I went to Canada’s Wonderland I was pregnant with our youngest. So hubs and the older kids enjoyed all the rides and excitement and i carried their stuff. well, it was fun for me too. At the time we went in the summer so the shows were ion. Plus as a mom, I love watching my family having a blast. This year, it was my year to ride the rides as well. We have been taking the family to attractions across Ontario this year. I am always surprised how many people live in Ontario, yet never visit the fun attractions we have. 


Our youngest is just tall enough to go on most rides. A few she could go on with a responsible adult. A few she could not. When we went through the gate we got her measured and she wore a wrist band to show what rides she was tall enough to go on. This few minutes saved us a lot of time throughout the day. No worrying if we were going to wait in line to see she was not tall enough. No lining up to get measured at each ride. Just looked at the colour on each ride, compared to her wrist band and knew. 


First ride I went on was the Leviathan.  Directly at the front of the huge roller coaster. I was fine until we hit the tallest peak, then I was trying to figure out how I was going to get out of this lol. It was an amazing thrill and I am glad I did it. But when it came time for me to go on the Behemoth, I was locked in, ready to go and chickened out.  So hubs and our one son went on most rides, myself and our other son went on a few thrill rides. And our daughter went on anything she was tall enough to go on. 

Leviathannofollow – The park’s 16th coaster, is a great ride for thrill seekers. 

Height: 306 feet (93.3M)

Angle of Descent: 80 degrees

Top Speed: 148 km/h

Track Length: 5486 feet (1672M)

It is the Tallest & Fastest coaster in Canada. 

thrills Collage

Our favourite ride was Drop Tower. Since the lines were so short we were able to go on again and again.  We took turns waiting with little one.  Hubs and the boys also loved Wind Seeker and Psyclone. All were high, twirly and fast. I loved the Back lot Stunt Coaster and the Rage (as did little one). As a mom with children of many ages and stages I appreciated the family rides like the Antique Carousal being located near the thrill rides. This allowed me to do something with little one while the thrill seekers were on the big rides. 


Little one is almost five and loves her sized thrills. Her brothers and her dad waited in the lines to go on the swans, kid rides and other fun rides throughout Planet Snoopy and KidzVille.  We had thought about renting her a stroller because they were cheap enough for the day. But she was a trooper and walked around no problem. She did sleep for the two hour drive home though 🙂 

Things you need to know to plan your trip

Parking is $15 per car and once you leave you have to pay to repark

You can leave the park and re-enter with a hand stamp. Sop you can go get stuff out of your car. 

You can bring in water bottles and refill them in the park at the fountains near the washrooms

Get a map! This helps you navigate the rides and know where food, drink and washrooms are located. 

The best value for the drinks in the park are the souvenir cups (pop is $4 from the vending machine) free refills for the first visit and 99cents for refills every visit after the season purchased. $9,99 online or $3 more in the park. The more you buy, the cheaper they get.

Wheelchairs and strollers are available for rent when you first enter the park

There are kennels for dogs also available outside of the entrance

When it comes to eating there are many options available in the park. Beavertails, Pizza Pizza and more. We love the sit down air-conditioned Market Place international buffet. They have lots of food options, tacos, roast beef, chicken, veggies and pizza. As well as fountain drinks, desserts and salads. This was a great place to sit, relax and enjoy our meal. Best option for big families like mine or visitors on a budget. They even serve beer 🙂

The Marketplace International Buffet

Come and experience our indoor market style all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant! This upscale restaurant has the ultimate in variety and selection. Diners can expect savory selections from Pizza, Pasta, Chicken, Taco Bar, salad bar and many other tasty options too numerous to mention! The Marketplace also features a dessert station and specials featuring international cuisine.Located in Medieval Faire


We are hoping to get another chance to head out to Vaughan before the season is over. Hubs and the boys are planning on going to Halloween haunt as is our oldest daughter and her boyfriend. They have all went for the last two years and love it. I have never been. 

Each weekend at night the park transforms into a haunted monster filled nightmare. Scary clowns, zombies and others walking around scaring the visitors. See Halloween Haunt for more info. 

We had a great time on our visit. The weather was nice most of the day. Cool, not hot which I loved. we are looking forward to our next visit. Have you been to Canada’s wonderland this year? If not there is still time. What is your favourite thing to do there?


  1. Judy C (Cowan) says

    It has been years since I was at Canada's Wonderland so I am sure it has changed a lot. I am too chicken to go on any thrill rides!

  2. I haven't been since I was a little girl (so young, I don't even remember the trip – just the pictures to prove I was there from my parents!) WE would love to take our boys, but I think we will wait till next summer, or the year after. It's an overnighter for us (well, we COULD do it in a day, but I think it would be too much – 4.5/5 hour drive there AND again home)
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  3. Great article! You are absolutely right, we visit all over the country and other countries but forget all about our own province. I’m the same, preferred our fall trips when things quiet down a little.

  4. I've only been there once and it was in the summer, it was SO hot. I would definitely choose to go in the fall instead if I go back. And I would NEVER in a million years go on that rollercoaster!
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  5. I have never been to Canada's Wonderland. Hope to be able to take the kids one day. It looks like tons of fun. I'm not sure about that roller coaster though. That is way too scary for me.

    And question, do people really bring their dogs to the park with them and why? That is strange that kennels are available. hehe!

    We go to Tinkertown in Winnipeg every summer (have since our oldest was about 2 yrs old). My oldest loves it and says he'd rather go there than Disney. Little does he know how more fabulous places like Canada's Wonderland and Disney would be. LOL!
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  6. I have never been to Canada's Wonderland. Hope to be able to take the kids one day. It looks like tons of fun. I'm not sure about that roller coaster though. That is way too scary for me.

  7. mmmisformommy says

    I would so much rather spend a day at an amusement park in the fall! Great deal with the refillable cups too… I like that. I have only done kiddy coasters, so I'm pretty sure you would have to drag me kicking and screaming on most of these ones.
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  8. multitestingmommy says

    We didn't make it to Wonderland this year, it would actually be quite nice to visit in the fall when it isn't so hot!!!
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