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Last week I ventured to Eastern Ontario to spend a fun and informative day with a group of Canadian bloggers and our gracious hosts, Burnbrae Farms. I must admit I was unsure what to expect before arriving. I never have seen the behind the scenes happenings of farming. Quickly flashbacks of the first few episodes of How it’s made come to mind, when I think back about my day. I remember saying over and over “I had no idea!” as we toured through the different areas of the Lyn Ontario location. 

The Hudson family is a Canadian family dedicated to quality, health and innovation. They are the family behind Burnbrae Farms. Their hospitality during our visit was wonderful and beyond what I ever imagined. I enjoyed being educated on the entire process of eggs from hen to table. They give back in so many ways (like involvement in breakfast programs) and educate others by opening up their doors and allowing farm tours to the public. 



The name Burnbrae farms is Scottish  for creek and hill. The family has been in the egg production business since the 1940s. 

Just the facts

  • Burnbrae farms is the #1 egg producer in Canada
  • They are the leader in liquid eggs in Canada as well 
  • They have received numerous awards for their innovations in eggs 
  • Products include- Omega Plus liquid eggs, Breakfast sandwiches, Omelettes, Egg Patties, Hard boiled and peeled eggs, NatureggSimply egg whites and more
  • Hens are vaccinated when young and build defenses against disease
  • Computerized ventilation is used to ensure the birds recieve fresh air throughout the day
  • Burnbrae sources from over 400 egg producers

As we toured the production facility and farms it was obvious that family was a strong factor in their success. Not only was their a family member everywhere you turned, but that sense of family was there with the employees. Many who have been there for more than thirty years. 



About the egg

  • Eggs are important for weight control
  • They are easy to prepare
  • They fit into busy lifestyles High quality complete Protein
  • contain a large variety of vitamins and minerals

I also got answers to a few questions I had (You can find these and other Q&A on their site)

What’s the difference between brown eggs and white eggs? Brown eggs in Canada are mainly produced by the brown Rhode Island Red and white eggs are produced by the white Leghorn. The colour of the egg is purely genetic, and was probably first determined by what best camouflaged the egg when the bird was in the wild.

Do I have to keep my eggs refrigerated? Yes, you should keep your eggs refrigerated. Government regulations are very strict in Canada. Eggs must be kept refrigerated at all times. This includes at the henhouse, the grading station, the grocery store and your home. 

Graded Cooler


It was amazing seeing what an egg goes through to get to your table. The sorting, grading, candling and packaging. If you saw all this, I bet you would think twice before wasting an egg with a spoon game or egging a house 🙂 

Now I am off to make an omelette! 

Please check out Burnbrae Farms for more information, recipes Q&A and cooking tips. 

Check them out on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest 



Thank you to the Hudson family and Burnbrae farm team for showing me behind the scenes. 

Disclosure: I am participating in the Burnbrae Farms Blogger Farm Tour program as a guest of Burnbrae Farms. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. This is so neat that you were able to go behind the scenes of Burnbrae Farms! It's important to see where the foods we eat come from, especially eggs, and it's so great that Burnbrae Farms are proud and stand behind their eggs! I feel like making eggs now lol.

  2. What the heck is candling? I'm quite curious now.
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  3. what is exciting experience! I love following all of the Canadian bloggers on Twitter as they experienced Burnbrae farms first-hand. I love the family aspect of the business.

  4. I love eggs. They are the easiest, most versatile food int he world. I often say to my oldest, who doesn't like eggs (though she is not allergic), if you just learned to appreciate them, you'd never go hungry. You can always find eggs… anywhere.
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  5. It was nice seeing you last week. I learned great things and the family is just amazing. No wonders they have a successful business
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  6. I think that question about brown eggs vs. white eggs is such a common question that people are curious about! I felt so proud of our egg industry and the Hudson Family after this tour…and I learned so much! Great wrap up Kim!

  7. Omgosh this looks like it would have been an amazing trip! I would love to take a tour around.
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  8. I’ll be darned! I had no idea either. It sounds like this was a great and educational experience for you. I love to hear about companies that give back.

  9. Judy C(Judy Cowan) says

    What a great experience! We loves eggs in this house and we buy a lot of Burnbrae Farm products!

  10. Christy Martin says

    What a neat trip to take. What I have tried of Burnbrae Farm products I have loved, including their single hard boiled eggs. Which have served as great for lunch when out and about.

  11. It was such a fun day, wasn't it? I think I'll always remember it when I reach for an egg in my fridge 🙂
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