Snow day fun

Yesterday many of us caught glimpse of a weather warning for most of southern Ontario. It called for over 25 cms of now and in some parts, quite a bit more. Then it said extreme cold weather and blowing snow warnings. Late afternoon the snow started lightly. Then it kept going all night and into the morning.

We were all pretty certain yesterday, today was going to be a snow day.  We woke to a whole lot of snow. We checked to make sure the buses were not running for school and saw the schools were closed as well. Since it was 6:00 I went back to bed and slept till late in the morning. A nice change for a Monday 🙂 Not only was it a snow day for students, but many businesses were closed too. Our two big dogs can barely walk through it. The snow is even with their bellies and I am sure they just found a spot with higher ground. Our car needed to be dug out this morning, and the driveway was too much for the snow blower. we had to get it plowed. Twice!

My kids were beyond thrilled to not have to go to school so it has been a lazy and fun filled day all around. Family movies and hot chocolate as well as snow angels and snow ball fights were what filled their day. It took them longer to bundle up to go out than they actually are out. But when they come back in they had rosy cheeks and big smiles from ear to ear. 

As I write this and look out my window I can see the snow has started back up again. Everything always looks so pretty with a fresh coat of snow on it!

snow on deck


This is the snow on the deck. Yesterday you could actually see the deck. that may be a patio chair upside down you see sticking out of it too. 

I shared a few funny pictures on social media that I thought fir the day perfectly. 

no app

Every day I’m shovellin’ #snowday #humor

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If you are still looking for fun things to do in the snow, check out all of these snow day ideas on Pinterest 

Did you have a snow day? How did you and your family spend it?


  1. Our schools were open, but the buses weren't running. I don't drive and I didn't think my husband wanted me to wake him up to drive the kids to school LOL so the kids got a snow day. My 7 year old son was really bummed though because they cancelled his indoor soccer tonight. But what can you do.

  2. All schools were closed in the Niagara region! My boy was so happy lol. My driveway was one long, massive snowdrift, 4 ft tall, I kid you not!!! I conquered it, but paying dearly for it today. I hurt.

  3. fredaliciouseats says

    I stayed inside. Played indoors. On my pc. Where it's warm. 😀

  4. Judy Cowan says

    Yes we had a snow day but the snow. We stayed in baked cookies, watch a movie and caught up on a couple chores around the house.

  5. we had a snow day over here as well and have gotten a quit bit of snow still! seems like its snowing even if its a tad bit everyday! bring on spring

  6. I miss being a child. Snow days were so much fun. Now it's more like "whose going to shovel all this!!!!!"

  7. One reason I live in a townhouse: somebody else shovels the snow.
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