Who is your cold weather hero? #TideColdHero

This winter was a bit slow to arrive, but when it finally hit, it hit hard! In an area that has been known for the extreme cold weather alerts lately, you really need to appreciate those who are out in the elements every day. Those who bundle up and do what they have to do, so our day is as routine as possible. The postal workers, delivery drivers, paper carriers, police officers, crossing guards and of course those who are out shoveling snow and snow blowing the paths as best they can. My cold weather hero is my daughters school principal. Every day she waits outside to see every student off of the school bus. She welcomes them to school and ushers them to the yard. I have seen her there EVERY day! No matter what the weather, she is out there. Some days she has support staff with her, others she is alone. She does not go in until every bus has arrived and every students is off loaded from the bus. I have seen her out on the hottest of days and the wettest of days, but most recently she is out in this extreme cold. She is bundled up and you can barely see her face some days. If I had to guess I would think she was out there for at least 20-30 minutes. Even when it is too cold for the children to be out in the yard, she is there, waiting.

This is what the last few weeks have been looking like, most days


She happily chats with parents, checks in with bus drivers and talks to staff. Smiling every moments as she welcomes her students. I get having to do a job, but I am unsure any of us could do it day after day in this cold with a genuine smile on our face. The days I am dreading walking out to the bus stop for a few minutes, I think of the principal as she happily waits in the cold for the kids to arrive. It makes me happy. She is our cold weather hero.


When P&G offered me a Cold weather hero bundle to give to my cold weather hero, I knew who I had to give it to.  I gave it to her during busy drop off this morning. I had not planned on driving my daughter in, however some buses were canceled due to extreme cold. Actually delayed, by 3-5 hours but who is going to wait around and send them to school then? All though I know the principal will be out watching for the children who may still arrive late.

Tide wants to recognize and celebrate Canadians that suffer the cold to get the job done – our humble, local Cold Weather Heroes! From the crossing guard who helps your little one get to school safely to the linesman braving heights to ensure  you have power and heat on these frosty days, Canadian Cold Weather Heroes can be found in every community, and they don’t let the cold stop them!



As you can see this fun pack includes a branded scarf and mug to keep warm while outside in the cold. Plus a bottle of TIDE Cold water for the hero’s Laundry needs afterwards.

When I gave it to her she was so happy. She was actually speechless, to her she was just doing her job. To me, a mom of four who has seen her share of great educators in 20 + years, I felt she was going above and beyond. She deserves to be recognized! Thank you Tide for helping me do so!

Tide traveled across Canada to meet real Cold Weather Heroes and document their stories of everyday heroism. Visit theweathernetwork.com to see how a crossing guard, Zamboni driver, search and rescue team, fisherman and linesman do their best in the cold!

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So tell me, who is your cold weather hero?

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  1. I use Tide myself, and rarely use hot water. I do what it takes to save energy and on my bill. Love the scent.

  2. I use tide and appreciate that they are a part of checkout51 where I can get money back for using the things I love

  3. Bonnie
    My teenage Daughter Kalea is my cold weather hero. She walks a half hour home in cold weather.
    She also carries an excruciatingly heavy backpack. She is almost a hundred percent student and wants to be a Cancer researcher. She is extremely caring towards her peers. She has babysat, tutored , and has worked as a counsellor.

  4. Oh man, cold weather INDEED! We had school cancelled last week b/c of the cold & I thought we would again today, but the kids were out braving it!
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  5. You know, I never thought of it that way before. There are so many people who make these cold months more bearable. I think I would have given it to those who work on the roads, after our huge snow fall earlier this month they worked all hours.
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  6. chancesmommy says

    My Cold Weather Hero…Hmmm…there are so many!! I have to say my Purolator, Canada Post and Muskoka Delivery people as well as one of the volunteer firefighters who happens to be our mechanic as well as a school bus driver! Truly grateful for Cold Weather Heroes!

  7. CanadianMomEh says

    My cold weather hero is our mailman. He is so diligent, kind and always goes the extra mile when it comes to service. We usually get him a gift once or twice a year.
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  8. My cold weather hero is my husband who not only works outside all day but comes home and spends hours clearing our driveway and paths so make sure we all can get out without one complaint!! 😀

  9. my tide cold hero is the construction workers. they work outside in the cold without cover for more than 8 hours a day.

  10. my tide cold hero is my husband. whenever it snows he does our driveway, neighbours (if there out of town), and lots of our family members. our snowblower is taking a beating these past couple years

  11. prairiebelle says

    My boyfriend is my cold weather hero. He is always the one outside shovelling our walks and back..he will also do our elderly neighbors. And he will go aut and clean off my car so I do not have to worry about it after it snows So sweet and thoughtful

  12. SueSueper Sue says

    The snow plow driver is my #TideColdHero, without him we would never get around, this winter threw lots of snow our way.


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