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As we drive through the country roads and we see the crops are ready for harvest, I can not help but be thankful for the farmers. Day after day, night after night they push ahead and do what it takes to bring farm to table for us to enjoy a healthy meal with our families. Every meal I make in my home is made possible because of the efforts of farmers and all they sacrifice to get it there. When you shop local you do so much more than you can imagine.

Have you ever visited a farm and saw first hand all that is involved?


Introducing Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat

Athena Organic Farm is a profitable, established 50 acre organic farm in the Southern Okanagan, BC in operation for 11 years. They are acquiring, transitioning leadership, increasing staff and executing a rapid expansion plan, increasing cultivated acreage by 150% in 2017 and an additional 100% in 2018, creating standardized growing methods and operational efficiencies to scale operations to new locations in Fraser Valley and Alberta as part of our growing expansion.


The brand new Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat, 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom off-grid eco-retreat located on the beautiful Similkameen River in Cawston, BC, right along the Wine Country Trail, is set for opening in early Summer 2016. This popular wine and tourism region is a breathtaking retreat away from the noise of the city.  This is the place to turn your cell phones off, unwind, relax and reconnect to your food, to nature and to each other.

SeedsUps Canada

SeedUps is one of Canada’s first equity crowdfund platforms – presenting an exciting opportunity for qualified investors. Western Canada imports over 70% of their produce from California, which is being heavily impacted by drought conditions. Food is travelling over 1,500 miles, on average, before it reaches grocery shelves, seriously impacting our carbon footprint. This is why shopping local is so important! Help local economy and shrink your carbon footprint at the same time.

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Athena Organic Farm grows over 45 varieties of certified organic vegetables, with a particular focus on onions, shallots and squash. The majority of their produce is sold to reputable stores throughout British Columbia and Alberta, but they also offer gate sales in the summer and fall, giving consumers and restaurants the opportunity to buy fresh vegetables directly.

Sounds like an amazing place to me! Tale a look for yourself and do your part by shopping, eating and investing in local! Then you can see first hand what is on your table!

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This post has been brought to you by Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat. All opinions are my own 


  1. This looks like an amazing spot to recharge.

    I love supporting local, it just makes sense.

  2. mapleleafmommy says

    Oh my goodness, this looks like such an amazing place. I would totally travel to Alberta to visit a spot like this.

  3. Supporting local is SO important! I like knowing exactly where my food is coming from 🙂 This sounds like a great place!

  4. What an amazing experience you had at the farm. It’s been ages since I last went to a farm.

  5. Wow sounds like an amazing farm & retreat! I try to buy local as much as possible & many of my family members have farms and orchards.

    My aunt and uncle have an orchard and grow apples, peaches, cherries and other tree fruit. I ended up buying a load of apples the other day at my local grocer that came from their farm! As a kid we would visit often and my uncle would take us for hay rides through the orchard. I am so glad I had the opportunity as a city girl to experience some of what goes on at farms!

  6. I’ve never thought about doing this before! What a great time!

  7. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    That sounds like a wonderful getaway. I would love to unplug and go there for a few days.

  8. It’s been years since we’ve been into Canada. It is places like that that make us want to return!

  9. Oh wow, that place looks gorgeous! And love being able to purchase right at the gate if I’m passing by a farm on the way home. <3 This post makes me want to go apple picking or pumpkin hunting at one of the "local" farms here, lol. Will definitely want to look up Athena's Organic Farm if we're touring/staying around the Wine Country Trail.

  10. This is such a beautiful place. It’s really cool that they have a retreat open.

  11. Diana Corlett says

    I am most impressed by the focus on organic growing. We need more like this in all sectors of the country. Would consider it an honour to visit!

  12. What a lovely place. It is great to see them open up for others to experience this.

  13. Athena Organic Farm looks like a great place to get back to natural organic food. It would be a nice place to stay over the weekend to relax and enjoy healthy food.

  14. I think it’s so important to support local so we do every chance we get. This sounds pretty awesome, and would love to visit!

  15. I wish I grew up on a farm. It’s such an awesome life to experience I think. I went on trips to farms in school growing up but I haven’t been to one since.

  16. Victoria Ess says

    Oh I would love to giving this retreat! I wish I lived closer!

  17. Elaine Buonsante says

    Since we live in BC it is just possible that we could incorporate this retreat into one of our at home holidays.

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