Join us for the Tim Hortons #WarmWishes Twitter Party Dec 22nd 12pm EST

This time of year really brings out the best in people! Having been a single teen mom, many years ago, I have seen both sides of the warm fuzzy goodness the season brings. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing support system and was aware of many community resources to help me and my child. As I grew and my life became more stable, I could not wait to give back. Every Christmas I make sure to buy a gift to donate to my children’s tree at school or the mall. The smallest of gestures from complete strangers make all the difference in so many people’s lives.

If you are looking for ways to pay it forward you do not need to spend a lot of money or time. Buy the person behind you a coffee. Hold the door for the stranger coming in next. Use your manners, please and thank you always puts a smile on my face. Donate food and clothes you and your family are not using.  These take so little time and really make all the difference in someone’s day. If you can afford to do more, then do so. You will feel great as will they!


This year I am giving people Tim Cards to say thank you. Teachers, delivery people, neighbours and the angel tree are all receiving gift cards from us. Tim Hortons has many gift card options such as Digital TimCards and personalized cards you can add your own photo to, these are my favourite for gift giving. See more info and all the options here Sending a Digital TimCard is a great way to reconnect with people over the holiday break!

WarmWishes Twitter Party

Please join us for the Tim Hortons Warm Wishes twitter party

When December 22nd 12pm EST

Hashtag #WarmWishes

Open to Canada

Hosts @TimHortons @MyChaos

Moderators @Gingermommy @ChancesMommy


8x $25 Digital TimCards

One grand prize valued at $150, which is made up of one $75 Digital TimCard for the winner, and one $75 Digital TimCard for the winner to give to someone else to brighten that person’s day

RSVP and join us for your chance to win

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