TEP Wireless Review – The Mobile Hotspot You Can Take Anywhere You Go

If you’re looking for reliable Internet access while traveling outside your country, you’ve probably already heard about TEP Wireless – a simple wireless device designed to offer portable Wi-Fi access for travelers. Ever wanted to take your home connection with you anywhere you go? Well, this is more or less the next best thing.

The Mobile Hotspot You Can Take Anywhere You Go

With coverage available for dozens of countries worldwide, TEP offers a highly affordable plan, while allowing for unlimited wireless Internet access, reliable connectivity, and convenient portability.

Introducing the Ideal Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Since I travel frequently for business purposes, I found that paying for reliable Internet access is something you can’t really avoid, particularly if you want to make it on time to important events and conferences.

TEP is the ultimate travel Internet hotspot that offers exactly what I need. It’s a small handheld device that you can rent for a very affordable price in order to get unlimited Internet access abroad, no matter where you go.

It features a simple UI, supports fast 3G/4G speeds, doesn’t break down, and eliminates the need to buy a SIM card in every country you visit. As an added advantage, taking care of the device when you get home is never an issue. You just rent it for a limited period of time during your travels, and return it when you’re done.

Also, there are no data limits, so you can stay connected day and night without paying extra. Secure and 100% private, TEP will even ensure that no one is allowed to access your wireless Internet hotspot without your permission.

The Practical Aspects of Using TEP Wireless

The device can offer up to 8 hours of continuous Internet access without recharging. And its battery charges quite fast – if you just use it on stand-by, it can last for up to 20 hours.

Another great thing about TEP is that it’s light and easy to use. It never lets you down when you need to look up anything, from the weather to complex online applications for managing your online business, or even games requiring a fast and stable Internet connection in order to run properly.

Check out a few more of the practical advantages of this device:

Speed and Reliability: According to most TEP Wireless review posts, you can expect speeds up to 7 Mbps with 3G access, and potentially higher speeds in areas with 4G coverage. While using the TEP, I found that these reports were more than accurate.

Availability: TEP has complete coverage in most the most commonly visited countries. You can take it to North, Central, and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and even some countries in Africa. Moreover, the device is powered by some of the best operators worldwide, and offers comprehensive 24/7 technical support so you can find quick solutions should anything go wrong.

Convenient UI: The user interface is quite straightforward, and will provide you with quick and easy Internet access on short notice. The Wi-Fi hotspot password is automatically configured out of the box, so your phone, tablet or laptop can be connected in a few quick steps.


  • Having convenient Internet access on the go can be quite a vital asset; especially if you frequently use the Internet for anything from shopping to finding hotels, like I do. The TEP Wireless can help avoid a lot of unwanted and unexpected issues that tend to occur when you’re in a foreign country.
  • The device is also quite portable. It fits in your pocket, and can easily be concealed from prying eyes, no matter where you go.
  • Security is an invaluable advantage. You can set your own secure password, so that no one except you and your travel buddies can access the portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Also, the fact that it only works on a radius of 15 meters means you won’t have to worry about everyone in the hotel trying to break into your TEP device.
  • Reliability is second to none. In some cases, you’ll find that TEP works even better and faster than the Wi-Fi connection in your hotel room.
  • Cheaper than any roaming package you’ll find, the device also supports services like Skype or VOIP quite conveniently, so you don’t have to worry about missing any important calls.
Using TEP Wireless in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Using TEP Wireless in Dubrovnik, Croatia


  • Probably the only disadvantage is that the device has a limit of five concurrent connections – for example, you can only connect five phones or tablets to it at any given time. That could be an issue when you travel with a larger group of people and everyone has their own social media feeds to check all at once. However, the outstanding advantages and affordable price of the TEP definitely makes up for this inconvenience.

A Simple and Affordable Plan

The ingenious simplicity of this device will never cease to amaze you – at least before you get totally immersed in watching fun online videos or playing your favorite games.

Both cheaper and more reliable than most plans out there, the TEP offers portable Wi-Fi at a low cost, while ensuring that you don’t have to worry about downtime, long term maintenance, or hefty lock-in payment plans.

I can attest to the fact that the device worked smoothly throughout my travels, and I had no issue whatsoever in using even the most demanding websites and mobile apps. And no hesitation in recommending it.

Basically, during my few weeks traveling around Europe with the TEP Wireless, I just had to relax and enjoy solid Internet access, instead of wasting time trying all the myriad of cumbersome schemes or expensive roaming plans, barely allowing me to get so much as a tweet out there.


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