Want To Really Party This Halloween? Some Spooky City Breaks To Enjoy

There is no mistaking when Halloween is on the way. Especially if you spend any amount of time in department stores, which by now are going all out on the spooky decorations. You may already have started planning a party. You might have looked for an affordable, but non-copyright-infringing costume for the celebrations. Most of us have some plans in place for the creepiest night of the year.


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If you’re still trying to decide what to do for the holiday where everyone cuts loose a little, it may be worth considering something different. And not just a few new candy options for trick-or-treaters, either. How does a different city sound to you? Getting away for a Halloween break can be a great way to spend the holiday – and there are some cities who do Halloween in elegant style.

Salem, Massachusetts

Those of us who read Arthur Miller’s The Crucible at school, which is more or less all of us, will be familiar with the story of Salem. The town where witch hysteria led to the most unimaginable horrors? Well, wouldn’t that be the perfect place to go for a Halloween break that gets the spine tingling?


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Salem goes all out for the holiday, and its celebrations happen over the course of a month. Culminating in a Halloween parade, the festivities take in costume balls, haunted house tours and a lot more. Spooky film festivals and stage shows make for the ideal trip for anyone who has a dark inclination. Spend a little longer there and do some sight-seeing. Salem is a fascinating and spookily pretty town.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

The setting for a horror story that captivated readers and then viewers with its creepy tale of a headless horseman. Sleepy Hollow received wider exposure in 1999 when Tim Burton (of course) brought it to the big screen to mass critical acclaim. But it’s been a destination for lovers of the macabre since before then. Every year the festival grows and becomes a destination for people from inside and outside the state.


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It’s a family-friendly celebration, so don’t be worried about bringing the kids. There are haunted hayrides and street parties, and haunted tours aplenty. You can enjoy, or fear, a tour of the very cemetery where Washington Irving – who wrote the novel that started it all – is buried. Also, you can rub shoulders with some very famous spooks, including King Henry VIII and Dracula.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Any fan of the weird and wonderful could not consider going away for the Halloween break without taking into account New Orleans. It’s not just down with the spooky during October. 365 days a year, New Orleans embraces its dark side. However, it becomes all the more real during the Halloween festival, and it’s an experience you should not deny yourself.


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This one admittedly may be more for the adult Halloween party. Bringing the kids along to a celebration that tends to get a little boozy and decadent might result in them growing up a bit too soon. And not in a quirky Tom Hanks kind of way. More in a “questions asked at family gatherings” way. Search for a Lyft current user code as soon as you get to the city, as you may not want to drive a lot while there.

Austin, Texas

Anyone who likes things a little offbeat knows what Austin has to offer. It’s an experience to visit the state capital any time of the year, but a little more special as October goes on. Take the opportunity to see the spooky musical events, take on a murder mystery tour and just get down with the weirdness of it all. As the calendar gets closer to the 31st, it’s amped up a little more, with parties and other events.


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Despite the ghostly and gory nature of the holiday, Austin never gets too hairy for the nervous tourist. As well as being quirky and dancing to its own beat, Austin is always welcoming to visitors. The enjoyment to be had at its Halloween festival is simply a continuation of the town’s ethos.

Whatever you decide and wherever you go, it’s worth remembering that Halloween comes around every year. So going away for it one year doesn’t mean you can’t go right back to holding your own party next year. You may even pick up a few ideas for the festivities by making the trip. Next year’s party will blow all of the others out of the water if you take a tip from the experts.

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