How To Get The Best Nights Sleep You’ve Ever Had

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you need to do to ensure you’re in tip top health – both physically and mentally. But for some of us, it’s also an extremely difficult task and something that can get us down.

There’s nothing worse than lying in bed awake at silly o’clock, counting down the hours until the dreaded alarm goes off. If you struggle to get to sleep once your head hits the pillow then there are things you can do to combat sleep deprivation and help get a little more shut eye.

  1. Get a sleep routine going and stick to it

If you go to bed the same time every day then you’re body will naturally get into a solid routine. You won’t be laying there for hours wanting to cry because you’re body just won’t fall asleep as it will be used to the same routine. Try to stick to it even at weekends as disrupting your body clock is one of the main contributing factors to bad sleep.

2. Invest in decent furniture


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One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep is to make sure that you have a decent bed and especially a good mattress. Don’t spend your money on super expensive decor and huge plasma TV’s if you haven’t even got the basics sorted yet.

If you’re unsure of what mattress is best for you, go to your local bed store and try them out for yourself. It can be rather costly to buy in store though, so perhaps just get a few ideas and see what you can find online instead. Alternatively, you can do your own research on the world wide web and check out a mattress review or two once you’ve found one you think you’ll like.

  1. Stop trying so hard

If you get to bed and find that your body just won’t allow you to fall asleep, ditch the idea after fifteen minutes or so and get up out of bed instead. Laying there agonizing over the fact you can’t fall to sleep will only make things worse, so get up and do something to tire yourself out a little more instead. Or turn to a relaxing technique that you know is guaranteed to get you feeling a little sleepy. Try having a hot bath and lighting some candles to get you super relaxed and ready for bed.

  1. Have a bedtime ritual that you follow stringently


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If you take certain steps before going to bed every night then your body will start to recognize these triggers and wind down a lot quicker. Perhaps have a nice warm shower before you retire to your bed and follow it by reading a book – that’s always a sure fire way to get your eyes feeling sleepy. If you live in a particularly noisy area then put some relaxing music on that will help you wind down enough to fall straight to sleep when you’re ready.

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