Didn’t your mother raise you better than that? Oh yeah, I am your mother.

My kids have developed some pretty lazy habits lately.  They are good kids, but the habits suck!  If I ask for help with anything in a general way “can someone help me?”  or “Could one of you get the babies…?”  Nobody jumps up to help.  Thats fine, they are kids.  So I have learned to asked them each by name for help.  Making sure to spread the chores out over the three of them equally.  Just the three, because the youngest is only two and is not expected to do chores. Though I think sometimes she would like to.

Chores really are not my pet peeve when it comes to my children  After all what kids do want to do chores?  My pet peeve is
the other stuff.  The common sense stuff.  Putting the milk in the fridge empty.  Or replacing the bag of milk and not cutting it open for the next person to use.  Another thing they do that bugs me, or should I say they DON’T do is change the toilet paper roll when its empty.  My kid are between 10-16 these are not big requests.

The other day I finally got 15 minutes to myself.  hubby took the little one out .  She is two 🙂  She was our surprise as she is 8 years younger than the rest.  And I thought ‘perfect time to shower and shaver my legs’.  Wrong!  The shower went well until I realized my 16 year old used the last razor.  Why didn’t she tell me? This kind of stuff drives me crazy.  So I am going to have to continue with gentle reminders.  Or hide my razors 🙂

Every time my kids go to a friends house the parents tell me how polite they are.  How they wish their kids were so well behaved.  Teachers are constantly nominating them for awesome opportunities.  My kids grades are great and the boys are really good at sports.  Why do they share their good manors with everyone else but me.  They don’t act like this when dad is home either.

So I know I (we) have raised them right.  I know they know better. I just wish they were perfect for me.  Actually I am happy they are the way they are.  If they were perfect all the time I wouldn’t have anything to ask for for Mothers Day now would I 🙂

Do your kids have habits that drive you crazy?

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