Some of my Favourite Point/Loyalty Cards (great for freebies)

I know most people have loyalty cards or points cards already.  There are a few that do not. I thought I would share a few of my favourites for those of you who do not.  If the card allows me I order extra , so family members can collect on my account when they shop too. Every year I say I am going to save up my points to buy something big, but it never happens.  I have a hard time saving up for special occasions like Christmas because as soon as I get enough to redeem for something that interests me,  I do.  Its free shopping 🙂 Some of my favourite point cards are listed below. They are all available in Canada.  Restrictions depend on locations. I find different provinces offer different rewards.
Air Miles is a great one.  You can collect at many locations when banking, shopping online and in many store locations and even when you subscribe to your favourite magazines.  I use my Air Miles towards free groceries and family fun (movie passes, theme park tickets)  Air Miles allows you to order extra cards.  That way your spouse or other family member can be collecting for you when they are out without you.

The Scene card is another of my favourites.  I haven’t had this card as long as my others, and  I have already redeemed for five movie passes.  Every time you show your card when purchasing movie tickets you get points. You also save 10% on everything you buy at the concession . Check  it out here

Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum card is another great one. Every time you show your card at the cashier (except prescriptions) you get points. These points add up really fast.  Shoppers always has promotions going on to get extra points.  Sometimes when buying a certain item, or their popular refer a friend event. If you are not already an Optimum member sign up here

There are many more cards out there.  Theses are just some of my favourites.  The ones I always use and always cash in for great rewards. I think I am going to check my point balance now, maybe I have enough for something good lol
Happy saving!

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