Trimming My Dogs Nails

A few months back I was lucky enough to win a beautiful pet themed prize pack on twitter. When I received the delivery slip in my mail box I planned to go down and pick up my prize the next day.  That evening I got a call saying that the package was damaged.  I chose to pick it up and assess the damage from home. The box was full of treats for dogs and cats, a cute pet bed and a paw towel.  There was some other fun stuff in the box too. Then there was some stuff missing .  Things that  I was sure from the pictures on the web were suppose to be included. and there was damage. I then sent an email to the company I won the prize from explaining what I had received. They then put me in contact with the wonderful PR rep from the sponsoring company. I am such a fan of companies that stand by their products and truly value their customers 🙂 The rep sent me out a gift card to replace the pet items that were damaged as well as another gift card to a grocery store.  The pet card was for a huge chain of pet stores.
Well I knew this would be put to good use. Having animals at home, there  surely is something we need. Then I thought of it.  Nail clippers for our dog.  Of course we picked up some other stuff as well, but the nail clippers were what we wanted and needed the most.  I never knew there were so many different kinds and sizes for big and small dogs. We found the perfect ones and brought them home. I don’t know why I thought this was going to be easy.  In the past we have always taken our pets to a groomer or the vet to get their nails trimmed. Maybe my dog can sense that I am nervous or what, but he is not making this easy on me. It has taken me three days to trim three paws lol  We talk to him, pet him and try to make him happy with treats.  He does not want to sit still and make this easy.  So this afternoon, I will attempt to trim the last paw.  Next time I think I will pay the $5 and have  a professional do it. For that price it hardly feels right to try and do it myself. (even though I have done a good job)

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