Pampers Gifts to Grow Program

Our family likes Pampers. We have tried other brands and have not been happy.  Diaper rash and night time leaks are two complaints I have from cheaper diapers. I know Pampers can be pricey, but Shoppers Drug Mart often has them on sale.  I also keep my eyes open for the $3 off coupons that have been floating around. To me the quality of Pampers is worth the extra cost. Since Pampers is a little more expensive than other diapers I am happy they have a reward system (link at bottom of post).  It makes me feel better about spending the extra money.

That being said, I have just finished entering a few codes into my Pampers Gifts to Grow account.  I have been collecting codes for years.  I usually redeem for kids toys. Once I picked a Dora Potty seat . Very cute! Last time I picked something from the rewards, I chose a really cool Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle. I am not sure what to pick next time.  There is so much to choose from..  Pampers points can be used to enter contests, redeem for gift cards or you can even donate them .I really like the books that they have available right now.  I most likely will be redeeming for those.

I decided to write about this program, in case there are still a few parents who are not aware of it.  I never knew about Pampers Gifts to Grow until I had my last child.  So in return, we missed out on years worth of freebies. You get bonus points (codes) when you sign up and sometimes through email. If you buy Pampers wipes and diapers you will see a little green and white sticker.  Every sticker has a unique code on it that you enter on the website to get points. Best of all Shipping is free 🙂

If you buy Pampers do you collect the gifts to grow points?  You can register and check out all the cool stuff you can redeem for here Pampers

*Disclaimer – The opinions expressed in the above post are of my own.

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