Remembering Vancouver 2010 Olympics

The Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics will always be remembered in our home.  We watched many of the events as a family.  Cheering on Team Canada almost felt like cheering on family. The Canadian athletes surely made our country proud.  The bravery, strength and overall good sportsmanship truly represented this beautiful country of ours. I love how the various cultures of our country were displayed throughout,  showing the rest of the world how awesome Canada is. One of my favourite moments was shortly after Team Canada won gold in mens hockey.  I drove to the grocery store and was proud to see the streets fill with pride.  People parading up and down the street cheering and waving the Canadian flag.  Cars honking and displaying the Canadian flags from the windows that many had been driving around with for weeks. I remember experiencing an overwhelming feeling of pride.  So much that I was emotional.  This wonderful country was all celebrating together.  I hope that we (Canadians) can have another opportunity to host such a magnificent event in my lifetime.

Tonight CTV will be airing a special at 7:00 ET marking the anniversary of the 2010 winter Olympics.  We are not going to miss this for anything.  I can’t wait to see how the athletes lives have changed in the last year.

Some of my favourite moments from Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Joannie Rachette skates after the sudden death of her mother.

Mens Hockey (Team Canada) wins Gold

Jon Montgomery wins gold in mens Skeleton

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