Rant – What ever Happened to Common Courtesy?

As a mom many years ago I quickly learned not to expect others to hold the door open for me when they would see me trying to enter the mall or store.  Even though I was pushing a double stroller and holding the hand of a preschooler, I did not expect it.  However for the few who took the extra time and waited for me and my kids, making life a bit easier I was thankful. I to this day will hold the door for struggling moms, and they are sometimes surprised but always thankful.  Why is this courtesy so unpracticed? I wish I could say they have no idea, or they are not parents.  But truthfully it is usually teens not other moms holding the door and waiting for these moms.  There is always the exception, but this has been my experience.

Then as cellphones and smartphone became more and more common, peoples manners were no longer a priority.  As convenient as they are I think some have lost their social skill because of them.  My biggest pet peeve is when I am talking face to face with someone and they are texting or emailing.  Really?  Can it not wait?  Is it just me that thinks this is rude?  As much as these bother me, nothing prepared me for what bothered me most.

Last week, I took my youngest to the post office with me.  It was rainy and cold.  I had five packages to pick up.  All where bulky and oddly shaped, not easy to stack and carry. We walked outside to go to the car and my little one tripped and fell forward.  I went to grab her so she wouldn’t get wet or fall towards the road, at the same time dropping all of my packages.  Can you believe not one of the people walking by helped me pick up my packages?  Luckily nothing was breakable and thankfully everything was packaged well enough that the contents were not wet. I just can not help but think if I was walking by I would have helped. Have people become so busy with the day to day that they can not help out others?  I am not a threatening person, we were in a public place.  I visibly was a mom on my own with my child needing a helping hand. The situation saddened me.  If I had spoken up and said anything to the many people walking by, I would have been looked at as rude. Is it too much to truly practice “Treat others how you would like to be treated”

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

I am willing to bet many of you have experienced these things for yourself.  If you are ever in a situation where you can help out another person, you should.  The smallest gestures are usually appreciated the most. If the person does not need help they will tell you.  I for one feel better helping out others.  Have you ever been in a situation where you could not believe nobody stopped to help?

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