Survivor -Redemption Island….loving it !

I posted a couple of weeks ago about how excited I was that the new season of Survivor was starting.  I had to come post today, letting you all know /i am loving it!  I wasn’t sure how redemption Island was going to play out, but so far so good.  Boston Rob is one of my all time favourite survivors.  I now am liking Ralph.  Ralph is a farmer who is a lot smarter than the other castaways give him credit for.  I hope he goes far in the game:)  Last night was great.  I am not a Russel fan, but he is very smart and ALWAYS playing the game.  It amazes me that he can get women to follow his every move.  I have a feeling because of Redemption Island he will be back.  This time he is going to not only try to win, but seek revenge.

If you can not find me on the web Wednesday nights, its because I am cheering on my favourite survivors 🙂  For that hour I do not answer my phone, door or log on to the web.  I enjoy the island drama too much lol

Have you been watching?  Any early predictions?

Thanks for reading

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