An open letter to family friendly shopping locations

I just want to publicly thank all of the businesses big and small that go above and beyond to make their stores family friendly.  Having a toddlers who is almost potty trained we never know when the need to use the restroom will suddenly be put upon us.  I have learned to stake out the restrooms in all of the drugstores, grocery stores and other businesses we shop at.  To encourage potty training we have a small window of opportunity to get the little one to use the facility as fast as possible.  Of course we make sure that we go before leaving home, but these are small children and they can not hold it.  Thankfully you understand this and have facilities available to us. Thankfully your staff is more than happy to point us in the right direction or unlock the door for us.  After all if you do not have a restroom for my child or in fact even myself to use, I will have no choice but to go elsewhere.  Sadly if this happens, we will not be returning.  Packing children into car seats and unloading at other locations will not encourage me to return this day or any other. I must honestly report that in one instance where a grocery store did not have “public bathrooms” I was forced to leave a cart full of groceries in the middle of the store to get my older child to a restroom down the street. I would think the loss of business and inconvenience of your staff having to unpack my cart and restock would be indication enough that moms will put their children ahead of store loyalty.  Thankfully this will not happen at your store because you have made sure that there are facilities available for families to use when needed 🙂


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