Drivers Education

I was one of those people that waited until they were married with children before I got my drivers license.  I had rushed out and got my “Beginners” when I turned 16 and even drove a few times.  Living in the city and working part time downtown as well as going to school downtown, I was always taking the bus.  So when it came time to get my license I didn’t bother.  This worked for me until i got married, had children and moved to the country.  Now I was was relying 100% on my hubby for transportation.  Not fun for me or him.  We decided for me to get my drivers license.  I signed up for drivers education and it was extremely helpful.  The teacher picked me up and dropped me off for my in car and then I was in a classroom for part time too.  I remember an older gentleman came in to show us how to change a tire during one of these classes.  I believe these classes prepared me for driving and I am happy I took them.  Plus they helped quite a bit when it came to getting my auto insurance.
Now, many years later our oldest is ready to get her drivers license.  Many of her friends have theirs and she really wants the independence.  We have been researching driving schools in the area to see what one is best for us.  One day she came home and told me about a driving school most of her friends were using and how happy they all were.  They get picked up from school, do computer work from home and have in class time too.  I asked her to find out the name. The next day she came home and told me the name.  It was Young Drivers of Canada.  First thing I did was I went to their site for more information.  It really is handy when companies have websites, it makes for easy accessibility and instant results. The website told me that they have been in business for more than 40 years and that they use fuel-efficient driving techniques.  We were more than sure this was the company we were going with.
that night I was on twitter and I caught a twitter party going on.  So I started chatting and answering the questions the host was asking.  Before I knew it, I had won one of the prizes.  I won a $75 Gift certificate from Young Drivers.  Perfect timing! So as stressed as I get that my child is reaching a milestone and getting closer to leaving the nest.  I am happy she will have the knowledge and tools to do so.  Thank you Young drivers of Canada for my prize it will be put to good use.

Disclaimer- This is NOT a sponsored post.  The service mentioned above was a prize from a contest i entered.  All opinions expressed are honest and of my own, NOT influenced in any way.


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