How to shorten a URL for tweets and posts

I get asked all the time how to shrink a URL or web address to fit in a tweet or a post.  This is very important on twitter as you have only 140 characters to tweet your message. Below is a quick step by step to show you where to go and how to make it work 🙂
I hope this helps some of you

1 First thing to do is copy your URL that you want to shorten

2 Then head over to and insert your long url into the box like this

3 once you hit Make Tiny URL you will have your shortened url

I always take the fist highlighted tiny url and copy and paste it where needed.

4 If you are posting this new URL anywhere and want it to be clickable you need to activate it first.  To do this you need to add it in a tweet or email.  If you add it directly to a blog post your readers will have to copy and paste to get it to work.

To many experienced bloggers and tweeters I know this is easy now.  But I remember asking how to shorten my URL when I started on twitter.

Happy tweeting!


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