Life as the Redheaded Step child lol

I thought I would share with you all what life is like growing up with red hair.  Or may be I should say what life was like, because I think the kids these days have it a bit easier.
I hated being a redhead until I was a teenager.  Redheads were few and far in between before Shawn White and Julia Roberts and even Axle Rose.I remember the first day of school being picked on and called names like “Redheaded Wood Pecker” “Carrot top” and “Pippy Longstocking” I know these names sound sily now, but when you are 5 they are quite hurtful.  Looking back I think kids were cruel and yes sometimes I feel a bit bitter, but that is life.  Like most redheads I had way too many freckles and sunburned easier than most.  As a teen I started appreciated my uniqueness.  I quickly picked up on mens flirtatious behaviors even though sometimes it was creepy lol .  As well women would complement me on my hair all the time.  Strangers, people I never seen before would tell me they loved the colour of my hair.  Sometimes I would get, and still get “is it natural?”  This is kind of funny.  Of course it is natural 🙂  If it wasn’t would I admit it and would they feel like an idiot for asking?  So the past bullying and the new compliments made for a bit of an attitude through high school.  Plain speaking , I was a bitch.  My family would say I was hard to get a long with.  I was never a snob, I just was assertive and independent.  I know you have all heard the stereotypes of redheads.

We have bad tempers – Yes I would agree to that.  But if you are teased all the time as a child you would have a temper too.  Even now as I watch my favourite show, Survivor I hear the crazy Phillip referring to being treated like the redheaded stepchild.  This irritates me a bit.  Not sure why , but it does.
Now a days I am proud to be a Ginger, or a redhead.  I am thrilled to see more and more shades of red in the stores and in schools.  I like my freckles and I have learned to stay out of the sun.  My oldest son always would ask me “Do you know him?” when we saw someone with red hair.  Like we have a secret club and we all know each other lol  Now as my son is getting older her too has become a redhead.  Actually all of my kids have some shade of red except the youngest.
One bad thing about being a redhead is you have redheaded children and they have tempers too.  Obviously I have grown past the stage of being teased.  I think even my kids are looked at more as one of the crowd.  A few years back when the whole “kick a ginger” thing started I got a phone call warning me that my children may be targeted.  This was a new one for us, but it didn’t last long.
I was never a step child but the reference of the redheaded stepchild is more of being centered out, excluded or picked on.
I find I am drawn to other redheads now.  Online I get tweets and emails from people that are Gingers.  I have moms with redheaded children start up conversations in the mall with me all the time.  We have a bond an unspoken connection. Or maybe we just need to know other people that do not look good in pink and we want to go out together to look like a Canadian version of the Weasleys 🙂 Either way I am happy I am now happy in my own skin, scratch that hair lol


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