Facebook – How to reference a post (get the url)

I hope you all find my “how to” posts useful. A lot of social media is constantly changing and along with the changes I am learning new tricks everyday.  So whenever I come across a “Oh thats how you do that” moment I will share it with you all.  If you are a blogger or even a contester you will want to share a post from Facebook on your blog or on twitter.  Yes, you can say “scroll down to my entry…” but that gets tricky and sometimes hard to find.
I recently found out how to reference a specific post, fast and easy.  I wish I knew this trick when I was an avid contester, it would have came in handy 🙂
First thing you do is find the post on Facebook that you want to have people comment on, or like etc (I am assuming you all have Facebook) If not it is quite easy to sign up and as private or as public as you want it to be. Sign up to get your Facebook account here www.facebook.com
Step 1

Click on the time your Facebook post was posted (lower left side)
Step 2

Once you click on the time posted, your post will stand alone on the page. It will then have its own unique URL
Step 3

Highlight the URL with your cursor and right click to copy.  Now all you need to do is find where you want to post it. This is good for tweeting, it is also good for blog entries when you are asked to “share” a giveaway .
Last step

Paste your URL where you need it.   I pasted mine into my twitter box.  I am far from being a Facebook expert. I actually find it very confusing.  when I first started blogging I shyed away from Facebook.  However I was always being asked for my Facebook info and I caved in and signed up.  I need to admit, it was a good decision.  As much as I love twitter, Facebook is very useful and I find it to be a great way to share information quickly. You you do not already have Facebook for your blog or business, you should consider it. Many people say it is their social media site of preference.
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