The Baby Duck

I think I have mentioned before that we are animal lovers. So last night when we went for a early evening walk I noticed a cat chasing a small female duck.The Duck was struggling and by the time we realized what was going on it was too late. We shooed the cat away and then heard a strange light thumping sound with a flutter.
It was a baby duck. The duckling could hardly walk. It would take three steps then fall over. So it could not be very old. Hubby quickly chased down the duck because the cat was still lurking around and our son ran and got a box. 
We then spent the next few hours online and on the phone looking for some place to take this duckling. This was not an easy task. We called Humane Societies, Wild Life organizations and Provincial Parks. Being later in the night we were not having any luck. Finally a neighbour told us about a family that Fosters orphaned and or injured Wildlife. They have the space and the resources needed to take care of these animals. I knew we could not keep this duckling overnight as we have dogs.
I am confident that this duckling will have a chance to grow and be released back into the wild. I also know some may argue that we should have let Mother Nature take its course, but we could not. This cute little duckling was so small. I am happy we stepped in. 
We also took pics 🙂 Something tells me these will not be the last orphaned animal pics you see on here.

Our entire family has brought home strays at some point. Including the odd grass snake .




  1. RoryBore says

    ahhhh… my kids loved this. I think it's okay that you blocked Nature on this one. it's not like cats Need to hunt on their own these days.

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