Can you ever pack too much stuff for an outing with kids?

When I was a new mom and we would go anywhere (park, grandparents, friends etc) I would pack so much stuff for baby people would think we were going on vacation. I never knew what may happen and I wanted to be prepared. I would have clothes for every temperature, bathing products, feeding supplies, toys, pain medicine and so much more. By the time I was an experienced mom and had had a couple of babies I got a little more relaxed with what I took out with us. Of course there was always extra diapers and a clean outfit , but I felt comfortable leaving the snowsuit behind in the middle of July by this point.
As my children got older they required less and less when heading out for the day. So I though…..My youngest is two and a half and she is mostly potty trained. What does that mean? Well a t home she goes potty and usually when out. But there are still night time and travelling in the car accidents. Because of this we use pull ups. Honestly I am NOT a fan of pull ups. They are expensive compared to diapers and I am finding they leak. We have tried many brands and I am yet to find one I am happy with.  Usually when we go out I bring an extra pull up and a change of clothes for my little one ~Just in case~ I think you rather be safe than sorry.

Yesterday we went away for the day and I knew there were “extras” already in the car. So I just grabbed a pair of shorts for DD not thinking about a shirt and completely not realizing she was wearing a dress.

So we arrived to our destination, the mall. The kids were excited and could not wait to check out their favourite stores and grab some lunch. After taking little one out of her car seat I realize again the pullups leaked and she needed to be changed. No problem I thought. I am an experienced and prepared mom, right? Prepared, not this time. We had 4 pairs of bottoms and no tops. Ugh! So the first ten minutes of our mall trip was spent looking for a clean and cheap shirt little one could wear that matched the bottoms we had. i did not think about her wearing  a dress and needing to change the entire outfit.. Luckily I found a cute top that matched her skort and cost me less than $6 on the sale rack at one of the trendy kids stores at the mall. I am happy it did not take longer. The kids were pretty hungry and tired by the end of the day as it was.  As much as I do not want to carry a diaper bag/backpack and I do not want to over fill my purse anymore, I will make sure to be more prepared when going away for the day.  Especially in the summer with ice cream messes. 



  1. Multi-Testing Mommy says

    GAH! We're almost there with my son, almost….I don't like pull ups either, but they are SO much easier to put on in public washrooms than regular diapers I find!Once my son shows signs of being a bit more ready, we will go straight to training pants – just have to find some good ones! Nice and thick ones – any recommendations?!? They have to be fun!

  2. RoryBore says

    I am a firm believer in the notion that you can never pack too much! I was taught to be a good little girl scout and old habits die hard! LOL Besides I do ALL the packing for ALL 3 kids when we travel — so I get the final say.And you know, it's Murphy Law, just like happened to you — when you relax and "go with it"…..some will end up nudie by the end of the adventure 🙂

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