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I decided to write a blog post about Triberr because it is very difficult to explain what it is and how it helps everyone involved in 140 characters on twitter. I was invited to Triberr by a blogging friend, actually I received multiple invites. However at the time I signed up you were only able to join one tribe. Even though you could run more. This has recently changed. If you are already on Triberr you can join another tribe.
Besides the tribe I joined (which contained bloggers from around the world) I also have a tribe of my own. I even got extra space on this tribe by trading in bones. My tribe is full of Canadian bloggers. I think including myself there are 18 members. What does triberr do? Well every member in your tribe automatically RT (retweets) your blog posts. This increases your reach on twitter. I have just over 2000 followers on twitter yet my reach thanks to my tribes/members is 39944. Since I have been on triberr my top ten stats are showing my blog referrals to be from there. 
Even though my one tribe is full I have started adding members to a new tribe. This tribe will be international. If you would like an invite you need to 1 have a blog 2 have a twitter account with a following over 500 (exceptions are made) 3 be family friendly (not interested in RTing XXX content..  If you are an existing Triberr member I have unlocked inbreeding so I can invite you as well .  If you have been noticing an increase of tweets from people you are following saying “via @  ” with another name in your feed chances are that is from triberr.

From their site 

Who Is Triberr?

Triberr is the brain child of Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo -pictured above :-p

Our Facebook Community Manager is Brankica Underwood.
You can read about Triberr’s Psychological Profile which is updated frequently.


…so what’s it do?

Every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will tweet it to their followers. And you do the same for everyone in your tribe.

This happens automagicly of course. Hands off kind of deal. Leaves more time for true engagement.
Simple, right?


How does it work?

What’s really cool is that YOU are in control of what Tribes you belong to.

So just think. Every time you publish a new post on your authority blog, EVERYONE in your Tribe tweets it to all of their followers.

This will get your blog off the ground and buzzing with traffic in no time.

    • No need to wait 6-12 months for your SEO efforts to take full effect.


  • No need for you to pester your followers with constant retweets of your blog post.



Your Tribe does it for you and it creates a real win-win-win situation.
    • You Win – Your blog posts get distributed by your Tribe far and wide.


  • Tribes Win- People in your Tribe get to feed quality content to their followers and inject variety into their own tweeting efforts
  • Followers Win- Followers get exposed to quality content created by your Tribesmen.



Best of all, Triberr automates the procedure which leaves more time for true engagement with your followers.

Ask anyone who is on Triberr if they like it and I bet you they will say “Yes!” If you are posting reviews, giveaways, information or whatever you will benefit from this
I would love to add you to one of my tribes so send me an email via my contact button or tweet me on twitter Gingermommy



  1. RoryBore says

    very happy to be in your Tribe!! I was stuck at under 20 Blog Followers in Spring….and I just passed 100!! Now, that's not a lot compared to most blogs, but it was big jump for just a couple of months! And I am sure it was due to Triberr

  2. I would love to join you, I already have an account, over 500 twitter followers. How do I join your group?My email is if that helps

  3. I just heard about Tribrr last week at BloggyCon. Will definitely have to check it out! Thx!!!

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