Must reads for the Mom to be

There is no such thing as a perfect parent. With every child you learn and grow. You never can be quite sure what obstacles are ahead of you, good and bad. Knowledge is power. 

With my first pregnancy I read every book about pregnancy, child birth and the first years. With my second I reread them and some more. It is great to read about others experiences, resources and expectations. Every parents and child has a unique relationship and a book is NOT going to give you all the answers. However it will help prepare you for many.

A long time has passed since my first child was born. Since then, the selection of parenting books has increased. Below are some I have recently has the opportunity to check out from DK Canada

The complete book of Mother and Baby care

This book would make a great gift to any new parent. Beautiful coloured photographs. A really great resource for parents.

Everything You need Pregnancy and Birth

This book would be great to read during your pregnancy. Even if you have had a baby before, you will be happy to get this book. Everything you need to prepare for the arrival of your little one is outlined in this book.

Baby’s First Skills Revised

Your Toddler Month by Month

Even though every child develops at different levels and stages it in comforting to look through these books to know if yours is on track. I also find the tips and suggestions in these to be very helpful.

DK Canada has books for every stage your family is in. Check them out, I bet you will find what you are looking for.

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  1. You're right, no book can prepare you 100%, but I still flip through; "What to Expect: In the Toddler Years".I have a friend who is pregnant, so it is nice to get info on some new books. I am going to pass this link on to her via facebook.superstar(dot)graceandme(at) gmail(dot)com

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