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I recently was given an opportunity to review one of the many online seminars from Proactive Parenting It was very hard for me to choose which one I wanted to listen to as they are all so appealing. I believe no matter how many children you have you always have room to learn and grow. After all each child and each parent is different. 

I decided to review Polite Interrupting. This was something that I thought would be great for a larger age group. I also as many families have had issues with my children interrupting grown up conversations. Children do not realize interrupting is a problem or hassle until they get punished for doing so. First thing I would like to say is the people behind Proactive Parenting are so nice and helpful anyone can figure out how to download the seminars. Thank you for your patience with me.

I consider myself an experienced parent. However I learned some great techniques from this seminar. I even went back and replayed a couple of times to go back and fully absorb the information. The seminar teaches you how to communicate with your child at a level they will understand. We all know children love attention and often negative attention satisfies them. Through the seminar I learned to eliminate emotion and take a moment. This helps eliminate the negative attention. Also helping your child to learn to wait their time and not interrupt. 

The step by step process is easy to follow and completely makes sense. Parents both knew and old can learn from this seminar and the many others available. A really fun technique you learn is “knock on knee” this allows children to interrupt when needed, politely. I love the technique and will continue working my my youngest on this. The technique teaches your little one patience and how to wait their turn.

If you are a parent and would like some information about everyday issues many parents face with their children have a look at the seminars offered. Here is what is available

1. How to Respond NOT React
2. Gen­tle No’s for Tod­dlers
3. Cor­rect­ing the Will­ful Child-Ages 3.5–10

4. No Argue Power Strug­gles
5. Polite Interrupting

6. Unlock­ing Sib­ling Strug­gles
7. End­ing Rude Behav­ior

8. Unblock­ing Lis­ten­ing
9. Dis­cov­er­ing Self-Control
10. No Fail Boundaries

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy and learn from your seminar. It was a great experience. Visit today to learn more



  1. I could certainly benefit from this. My oldest is getting into his pre-teens. He's starting to get a little mouthier. My middle child loves to interrupt people. I try my best to teach them the right way. I have three boys and I feel like I've learned as I got. I think this would give my a little more insight that I may not have thought of however.

  2. Paula M-B says

    What a great idea to have a webinar series — much easier than trying to schedule a babysitter to go to a parenting class! I've definitely got my hands full here with one heading to grade 12 in the fall, one to Kindergarten and an 8 month old baby at home:)

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