Seasonal Allergies Suck!

The only allergies I have are itchy eyes and sneezing when I am around cut grass, dust and certain kinds of smoke. These come and go. I am happy they do not last. From what I have heard and seen others experience I think I am lucky.

More than twenty years ago my little sister woke up unrecognizable. Her eyes were huge and swollen shut, her face 4X its normal size. Everyone of her fingers were webbed. She did not feel very well and her skin was extremely pink. Allergies had never been a problem in our family until this day. It turned out that when we had been camping the day before someone had been burning leaves and poison Ivy and sumac. This being in the air caused my sister to have a severe allergic reaction. Luckily she went to the emergency room and was treated. Every year afterwards she was always very careful about what she was around. No one wanted this to happen again. I can only imagine how scared my parents were.
This morning my son woke up and his face was puffy. His skin very blotchy and red. His neck and his hands were also red. I immediately had flashbacks of my little sister and her reaction. Of course I was out of allergy medication. Luckily my neighbour had some. My son took the required dose and within a few minutes the swollen of his skin disappeared. He was still red and blotchy. He has had reactions to insect bites before. Mosquitoes land on some pretty nasty things. He gets bit and he usually swells up. We have never experienced this before. The only thing I could think of was maybe he is reacting to the bug spray we used last night. I told him to have a shower and make sure it was all washed off, just in case.  He now seems okay and back to himself. Me on the other hand, well stressed is an understatement lol
Canadian summers have so many great things about them. However I could really live without the insects and poisonous plants. I think I need to find a new bug spray. With lots of camping and fishing planned for the weeks ahead we need to be sure we are covered.



  1. I feel your pain – my allergies are horrible as well.. Dust, mold, GRASS (if I sit in it barelegged too long I get a rash, and forget cutting it), pollen.. I know the pain of itchy eyes/throat, rashes, sneezing and a faucet like nose.. ugh. :-(Unfortunately, not all antihistimines are created equal, and I have tried waaaay too many attempting to find one that works!

  2. Oh my gosh, so scary!!! Thank goodness the allergy medicine worked for him.After having a crazy reaction to anti-biotics in April that allergy meds didn't bring down I just found out a couple weeks ago I am deathly allergic to Sulpha drugs! 30 years old and just now I find out I have a deathly allergy!! Crazy and scary!

  3. trininista says

    I only have one allergy and it's pretty bad. I go into shock, cold sweats, my vision goes blurry, I lose sensory function. All from ant bites.Thank God for medicine!

  4. says

    Allergies bite the big one! Both my girls haven't built up the immunity to mosquito bites yet. DD2 got a mosquito bite on her eyebrow and her entire eye swelled shut. Thankfully she is child no. 3 so I didn't have a nervous breakdown. Allergy meds + one hour, all was well again. I can't imagine being a new mom and this happening. I would have FREAKED OUT!

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