Sick and Tired in July

I knew shortly after going to bed last night that it would not be long until I got sick. DD threw up on me minutes before her bedtime. Earlier in the day my son was sick too. The day before I had taken them to a public pool and they have not been 100% since. We have some sort of flu, in July 🙁  As the night got later and little one was very warm I rushed out to a 24 hour grocery store to get some Tylenol. Not that she could keep it down, but I thought it would help her with her fever. I usually have everything I need  on hand but lately my inhouse pharmacy has been empty lol. NOTE TO SELF– Stock up on allergy meds and pain killers 

This morning I am tired, feverish and just not myself. Not fun! Not to mention dizzy and not able to eat. 

Of course I had planned on today being a blogging day. A day to catch up on some posts, return some emails and get some errands done. Plans have obviously changed. I think I may take a nap. 

So with having appointments scheduled for tomorrow many of today’s duties will need to be put off until Friday. I have some awesome reviews to post and some great giveaways as well.  I hope you are all enjoying your summer. As well tomorrow I will get a chance to visit the Post Office and see what great surprises I have there.

All the best


  1. The posts will wait. Just rest and get better!

  2. awww summer sickness is no fun. My youngest was feverish all last night and today.Hope everyone gets better fast!

  3. Take care of you and your family first. Everything else can wait. Feel better soon.

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