Been There, Done That, Got The EpiPen

Yesterday started out like any other lazy summer morning in our house. One by one the kids slowly woke up. We took the dogs out, watched some cartoons etc. My oldest son was the last to wake up, which is common. He came out to the living room and as he spoke to me, I saw his face.  He said he was itchy and felt like he had a sunburn. His face was bright red his eyes swollen. His voice a bit off. 
Being the organized responsible mom I am , I looked for the Benadryl. Oh yeah, we used the last of it a couple of weeks ago when two of the kids had poison ivy. Crap! DH took the car, I was carless. So I knew my neighbour had Benadryl. I called no answer. Well I have a key, this is an emergency. So I called my neighbour at work. She told me I could try to get in, but her husband has been locking the second door lately as the neighbours around us have been reporting car break-ins etc. Determined to get allergy meds I try to get in. I make it through the sun room into the house mudroom then the kitchen door is locked. No key for that door. Crap!
At this point as bad as my son looks I am thinking it is not that bad, right? I go to another neighbour, she just broke her foot and can not come to the door. Yelling through the door, she wishes me luck on my search for allergy pills. One last shot or I am calling an Ambulance I think to myself. I try my neighbour on the otherside of me down the way a bit. Walking faster than I have in a long time.. She has to be there. She works at a school and has summers off. Luckily her summer mornings are as slow ans lazy as mine. Her and her kids are just eating breakfast and she gives me her last two Benadryl. Offers to drive me to the walk in clinic. I tell her thank you, and I will let her know. I get back in and see my son is not looking any better. I send my daughter to the neighbours to tell her I need a ride. 

In the meantime I call my Drs office. Closed on Wednesdays. I call the walk in clinic. They are not open to walk in  on Wednesdays, but will take him at 5. The lady on the phone recommends Emergency room. 
My neighbour arrives, I have no car seat for my little one, no bank card on me and only $20. I could not believe how unprepared I was. Luckily my oldest did not have to work until 4pm, so she babysat. 
On the way to the hospital, I realize DH has our sons health card. I text him asking for the number. 40 minutes later we arrive to the hospital. They quickly put him in a room to see the Dr. Being a kids and having an obvious reaction allowed us to bypass others waiting to be seen. Dr walks in and exclaims “Allergic reaction!” My only response to him is “You think??” saying it with every ounce of sarcasm a mom would have at this point. 
He orders a steroid and says we will be on our way home shortly. I go out and tell my neighbour we will be done soon. 1 hour later another Dr comes in and says the steroid will be done through IV. They will keep him for 30 minutes after to make sure he is ok. If not they will have no choice but to administer the Epi. If this happens they need to monitor his heart rate and he needs to stay another 4 hours
Again I go out, tell my neighbour what is going on, giving her the option to leave. I do not want her to be put out anymore. I call my husband who can not leave work, but is freaking out not being there. I try to call my mother to help my oldest at home. No answer. I text my kids. All is fine. 
After the steroid DS swelling goes down around his eyes. His rash is spreading onto his arms. Up until this point it had just looked like he had a Halloween mask on. The red rash went down around his neck and covered his face. The Dr comes in, examines my son. Determines he can not let him leave. His voice is raspy. The Dr is concerned about swelling in the throat effecting the vocal cords. So he gives him the shot of Epi. I send my neighbour home. No sense her waiting for another 4 hours. Call my husband, tell him he needs to come to the hospital after work. Text my daughter, to cancel her shift at work. Call my mom, still no answer. 
The hospital visit was long. I was more unprepared than I had ever been in my life. Exhausted my twenty dollars on parking and hospital food and did not return home till late last night. The Dr prescribed three medications for my son including a EpiPen. By the time we got home the only signs that anything happened were the sticky marks on DS’s chest where the heart monitors had been and a bandage from the IV. His colour was back and he felt great.
This morning his eyes are swollen and red. Here we go again…..

I left out the part of the Pharmacist being an ass, not being able to get the EpiPen until tonight and the fact that the one medication causes insomnia. Oh, and even though Canadians get “free” health care. Ambulance rides and prescriptions are NOT f



  1. So sorry you had to go through all that. It is so hard to see you kid suffering and having to deal with long hospital waits and unfriendly hospital (& pharmacy) staff. I just went through an experience with my daughter. I hope your son will feel better soon and the reactions will stop. did they try to identify what is causing them?

  2. Gingermommy says

    The only thing we can think it may have been was an ibuprofen he had before bed, but he has had them before . The other was maybe a neighbour may ha been burning poison sumac or ivy unknowingly

  3. Multi-Testing Mommy says

    Oh dear – that sounds really scary!Allergic reaction = if in doubt = ice, it will help to bring swelling down.I hope he is feeling better today and that you are feeling ok too!

  4. WOW girl! That is insane! I am glad you got some help. Hoping he feels better real soon, and you get a break!

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