Sperm Donations from Redheads NOT Accepted

I never would have thought I would write about sperm on my blog. But when I saw the end of a news story last week saying that a sperm bank would no longer accept donations from redheads I had to look into it some more. Turns out that the world largest sperm bank has started turning down redheads for donations. I bet most of you clicked on the heading just to see if it was a miss tweet lol 

There is no surprise that I am a redhead (see blog title) I am proud to be a redhead and even though we may tweet about world domination *giggle* we are not serious. I say we, because on twitter and elsewhere gingers, redheads, whatever the name of the week may be, are drawn to each other. It is like a not so secret club. We can spot one another in any store or at any event. We all grew up being called the names, being left out, bullied etc. Most of us grew to soon love our hair and our uniqueness. Having red hair kind of made us stronger and surely made us who we are today. Why do redheads always tell you online they are gingers? Well I think it is because being a redhead means a lot of things. It means strength and pride, it means beauty and it means something I just can not find the words to describe. When you are always centered out because of your hair, you learn to either love it and embrace it or change it. 

It is because of this that I am a bit saddened by this recent ban. You can read about it in more depth here www.telegraph.co.uk but for the most part it is, there are more people not asking for redheaded children then there are asking. This is funny to me, because my parents are not and were not ever redheads yet I am.  Also my children (except one for sure) are not redheads. I guess if you can use the service of a sperm bank it is like any other shopping experience. When I shop for a purse, drapes or bedding I like it to match everything else in the room or outfit etc. But when it comes to children, should you not just be happy to have them? Be happy they are healthy? Is having a redheaded child really that bad? What will be next, banning a certain ethnic background or maybe people with dimples or feet bigger than an 11? After all you know how hard it is to find shoes that big *sarcasm* Maybe I am over reacting, the last thing I want is a bunch of drama. But where do we draw the line?

Being a redhead, stepchild or not is NOT the worse thing that can happen. Why are the Julia Roberts and Ron Weasleys of the world not more upset about this? My kids watch Pippi Longstocking and adore Shaun White (Olympic medalist, snowboarder, skateboarder and surfer) Bullying is happening everywhere to everyone, assuring your child is not going to be a redhead is not going to keep them safe from this (sadly) Heck, even Carrot Top has made a great living using the name so many of wish we never hear again. Maybe the positive aspects of being a redhead should be considered. You know, feisty, assertive, independent and fun. 

What do you think about this ban? Are you a redhead with stories? I would love to hear about them


  1. That has to be one of the craziest things I have heard!I really have no idea what to say to that post as it baffles me… so I guess all I can say is, I obviously don't agree with their choice!

  2. that really is crazy talk! banning red heads? honestly, what's next!?

  3. That's ridiculous!That's all I can say…

  4. Multi-Testing Mommy says

    OMG seriously?! That is crazy! Go redheads go! (I'm a blonde)

  5. I cannot believe this is real! Very odd and strange, and yes I would be offended as a redhead. Heck! I'm offended as a brunette!There is actually a spoof about this in Catherine Tate's sitcom…look at it, you will laugh.

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