Young Drivers of Canada (not only for teens) How are your driving skills?

Like any 16 year old in Canada I rushed out as soon as I could and got my “beginners”. I was so thrilled to learn how to drive. Living in the city, the convenience of the city bus quickly took over and before I knew it my temporary license expired. It wasn’t till after my third child was born and we lived in the country that I really regretted letting this happen. There I was a mom who wanted to keep her children involved in activities outside of school, as well as have some sort of social life. Stuck because I could not drive. Not only was this frustrating for me, but my poor hubby would come home from work to me waiting to go out lol anywhere! I craved the independence of driving. So I like many others signed up and went to driving school. A few months later and a failed road test later, I was ready to drive 🙂

Fast forward to today. My teen is in the process of getting her drivers license and it is very exciting for her. She can not wait to go out and not need to be driven by her parents or friends. A while back I won a gift certificate from Young Drivers of Canada to help with one of her in car sessions. This is great. Nothing beats a professional instructor giving you pointers and tips to improve your skills. a while back after chatting with Young Drivers of Canada on twitter, we found out about a great online resource offered. Have you heard of CogniFit ?

CogniFitTM is an online program designed to enhance your driving related cognitive skills, encourage you to think on your feet (and behind the wheel), and promote safe and smart driving practices. It assesses driving strengths and weaknesses on an individual basis, ensures quick thinking on the road and off, improves mental capacity, and customizes each driver’s learning experience.

This program is not only good for new drivers, but also more experienced drivers who may have picked up some bad habits or become a bit too comfy when driving. It is very easy to sign up for and you can see your results after completing the session. that way you know your strengths and weaknesses where you may need to improve. CogniFit has four different online programs available.

Imagine if you could improve cognitive skills like eye-hand coordination, memory, reaction time, estimating speed & distance and more

This is great for new drivers, experienced drivers, seniors and anyone looking at driving for a living. Even if you feel you do not need this yourself, it would make a great gift.

Disclosure-I received a code for the program mentioned above free of charge. All opinions expressed are honest and of my own


  1. I'd love to win this for 17 year old son:) No license yet but I'm assuming any second now!pjkmitchell at hotmail dot com

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  5. I would like it for me, as I have some fear while driving so need any kind of help I can get.

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  22. After putting it off for 16 years, I finally got my licence this past July at age 32! So I'd like to win this for myself 🙂

  23. My daughter is going to get a learner's permit, this will comes in

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