Halloween Costume Ideas

I have given my oldest son every chance to order or have me pick up a Halloween costume for this year. He has not made up his mind. We have just a week to go. So I am going to do what my parents did every year when I was a kid. Make a Halloween costume from things we have around the house. I am not crafty or talented with a sewing machine. I am just resourceful. A few ideas i had that he has not liked so far are

Recycling Box
-child wears one solid colour head to toe. 
-Carries box painted blue around waist.
-pin or staple water bottles, cardboard tubes, bubble wrap etc to clothes and make it look like the recycling is spilling out of the box

Static Cling
-dress child in turtle neck and sweat pants (same colour would work best)
-staple, glue or pin socks, wool hats, mittens etc to the clothes

Grapes, berries and other round shaped fruit
-find balloons in the colour of fruit you wish to be
-wear clothes in the same colour
-add balloons to your clothes. Dark red for raspberry, purple for grapes, black or purple for blackberries etc

Other things you may have around the house you can include in your costume
-cowboy hat 
-hard hat
-football player or hockey player
-a boy can be a girl or vise versa

I think my next move is going to be sending him to another site where I found some good and some funny ideas. If you are stuck for a costume or need a last minute Halloween costume check out this site

I still have a few more ideas for my son. Maybe he can go as one of these?

A chick magnet
-attach barbies to his clothes

Cereal Killer
-Black shirt and pants
-empty cereal boxes glued all over his clothes
-red make up or fake blood
-plastic knife

Dust bunny
-grey clothes
-dryer link glued to clothes
-bunny ears and tail (dollar store)

If he does not like any of these he can stay home with his older sister and hand out candy. 🙂



  1. Those are some great ideas, but I also love if he doesn't like any of those he can stay home and hand out candy with his sister! LOL

  2. Awesome ideas. I remember one year, I had to come up with something. I took a white sheet and cut it into strips and he was a mummy…but by the end of the night, the strips starting falling off and people thought he was an accident victim. What a hoot.dorcontest at gmail dot com

  3. Multi-Testing Mommy says

    Those are some really fun ideas 🙂

  4. He could be a gumball machine. Put a clear garbage bag on and tie it around the legs. Fill it with different colour balloons.

  5. the costumes in the stores are so crappy I almost want to make my own too! lol no motivation though, mommy's lazy!

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