Manage your Twitter Followers and Unfollowers

I never really paid attention to my twitter followers until I started my blog. I often get asked by companies what my numbers are and often that includes Twitter. For the most part my twitter followers have went up at an even pace and I always follow back. If you tweet me, I follow (as long as it is not spam)

A few months back I was frozen on twitter at 2000. I could not follow anyone new until my followers number was even. It was at this time I decided to see who was no longer following me on twitter and pay back the favour. After all twitter is about making connections so why follow someone that is not connecting with me. I was surprised how many blog hoppers followed me and then unfollowed. Why hop to begin with? There were also a few that I was surprised had unfollowed me and we chatted often. So I chalked it up as the mysterious twitter unfollow ghost lol Twitter does this to me sometimes too, so I just sent my friends out a tweet and they followed back. For all others I used a great program that helped me see who I was following but was not following me. The program is Nutshell mail. I like it because I can customize it for free to fit my needs. I get daily emails telling me my new twitter followers, unfollowers and even DMs. It also lets me keep track of my Facebook. If you are looking to manage your twitter followers so yiu do not get stuck like I did,then check them out. I hope my numbers are more even when I hit the next freeze zone and I do not need to stop following new tweeps till it catches up.

Other programs I have discovered that help manage my twitter followers are listed below. Check them out and see who your latest quitters are. Happy tweeting

Friend or Follow see who is not following you back and who you are not following back

Tweeter Karma this takes a bit to load, but will allow you to unfollow tweeps without even leaving the page. Just click on the ones you no longer wish to follow.

If you know of any other twitter management tools please share them below. I would like to check them out.



  1. The Spring Mount 6 P says

    I am new to nut shell mail but I am liking it so far. I also like the Twitter karma too.I am big on following people who follow me, agreed unless it is spam.

  2. My fav of the 3 is Twitter Karma. I like the way it is organized. I like to look and see when people were last active. If they haven't Tweeted in 3 months I can drop them without remorse.

  3. ooh looks interesting! will check it out 😀

  4. I've never had any problems with twitter letting me follow more people so I tend to let it all manage itself, I just don't have the time to care about follow backs right now. It's good to know though in case you do run into problems like your having

  5. I use friend or follow whenever my stats get too uneven and I am blocked from following more people. I have never heard of twitter karma. I will look for it.@inkscrblrHttp:// do not understand people who hop and then unfollow either. Silly!

  6. oo I'm glad I found the blog hop now to see this post of yours. I am semi new to twitter and I was wondering about this since I have heard that twitter does have some freeze rules etc but wasn't sure the best way to manage who I am following etc. :)Krissy

  7. excellent post

  8. tannawings says

    Sometimes twitter DOES unfollow people for you- why that is, I dont know. I tend to enter blog contests and always have to double check to make sure I am following them still (I rarely unfollow a blogger unless they have been inactive)I tend to stay with and keep promoting those who do give a follow back, so it is nice to see all of you that do :)I just manually do mine…. based on inactivity.

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