Famous Gingers

I was sent this and just had to share with you all. In case you can not read them I will list below. Left to right. Top row to bottom

The boy wizard
The Texas ranger
The overacting investigator
The evil doll
The 50’s icon
The prop comic
The late night host
The animal 
The fast food clown 
The extreme athlete 
The 80’s brat
The founding father




  1. LOL very cute!

  2. hehehe cute

  3. Hilarious…I'm sending this to my sister who is a red head.

  4. Multi-Testing Mommy says

    That's cute!

  5. Anonymous says

    ok so im a ginger and i understand all of them except the 80s brat, prop comic, and im not sure i get the 50s icoon either…

  6. Right awway I am going to do my breakfast, afyerward havfing my

    breakfast coming again to read more news.

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