Gift Guide Feature – CurlyCanadians Denman D14 Styling Brush

If you have curly hair or have a loved one who does, you know how hard it is to maintain it. Styling can be stressful and combing and brushing just is a difficult task on the best of days. I am a mom to two girls who both have curly hair. Both are very different, one light and thin, the other thick and full. Both are very curly.  When I finally find products that work for them, I order, stock up and scream from the roof tops. 

I am happy to add the Denman D14 Styling Brush to my holiday gift guide this year.

The D14 styling brush is perfect for curly Canadians on the go.  Get professional ouch-free detangling results on your curly girls & boys. 

Check out for all your curly hair styling and conditioning needs 



  1. Curly Canadians has fantastic products!

  2. Katrina Brady says

    That's a great price for any type of hairbrush! nice!

  3. yes great price

  4. Haha! I wish I had curls around here–we have too straight:) But nice to find a good fit!

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