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When I think about visiting the mall I always think about Kernels Popcorn Sampling all the varieties and picking out the different themed pails is so much fun for everyone in my family. Because of this, I often put gift cards for Kernels in my children s stockings. 

Gift cards from Kernels are available in two forms, plastic and virtual.  They start at $15, so they make great gifts. The plastic ones are the ones we all have used in the past. You buy them, load them and give them. They are taken into the location and redeemed. These are great to give as gifts to almost anyone. the virtual ones are quite new and so handy. I had one and was surprised how easy it was to use. Sent to my email, I clicked on the link where my virtual GC was located. The lady behind the counter, took the numbers down and I redeemed my card. she also told me I did not need to use it all at once and could keep a balance on it like the plastic ones. Virtual gift cards can also be printed and taken into the Kernels of your choice. So no worries if you do not have a smart phone. These are great for long distance gifts, teens and anyone else who has email. Kernels has a fantastic promotion on right now. For all of November and December a donation will be made to Make a Wish Canada Foundation for every Gift card purchased 

With my virtual gift card I got each of my kids a pail of popcorn.Each pail had a different fun character on it and each contained a flavour I knew my kids would like. One was double butter and one was Say Cheese Cheese  and the other two were variations of caramel 🙂 My kids were so excited to eat this yummy treat. They shared (which was surprising) and after they kept their pails to store toys, crayons and other goodies in their rooms. 

I think Kernels makes gift giving so easy and really a lot of fun. Perfect for teacher gifts too. Have you visited a Kernels Location near you lately? Kernels is offering a fabulous giveaway just in time for the holidays. One lucky Canadian reader is going to win a $30 virtual Gift card. You can keep it or give it as a gift for the holidays! Your Choice.



  1. I would use it as a gift for 2(brother and sister) of my dayhome kids who are addicted to popcorn.

  2. I would def use it to get the kiddies some popcorn at the mall here, I would gift but I dont know anyone in a town that has Kernels besides me lol

  3. I would buy some double butter popcorn in a Dora container

  4. I like giving a big bag of kernels as a teacher gift.

  5. flowerchild says

    I follow you with gfc (flower_child_23)I would get my daughter some popcorn for her stocking..thanksflower_child_23(at)hotmail(dot)com

  6. White Cheddar popcorn. Here I come!!mommakoala(at)cogeco(dot)ca

  7. gfc – imheckifiknowAnd with this I'd eat Cheddar popcorn! Might even share…

  8. Oh my goodness, I love Kernels popcorn!! If I won the GC, I would buy a bag of every flavour and have a popcorn party for a few friends 😉

  9. Hmm, I want to be able to say that I would gift this card, however, I think I know better – I want me some Kernels!

  10. I would use it to buy movie snacks for ladies night when we cook a great meal, have some drinks and watch a movie.

  11. A Kernels GC would make an excellent Christmas for a teacher.chrystaarcher(at)hotmail(dot)com

  12. I follow with GFC (Rebby) and I would buy LOTS of double double butter popcorn YUMMMM!rebthecatsitter at

  13. Great giveaway! I love Kernels popcorn so much :)- Jennie@neonkiss

  14. ps – Cheesy Dill is my favourite, but i'd love to try double butter!

  15. OMG, my family is addicted to Kernels! No kidding, it's our weekly guilty pleasure, every Friday I pick up one Butter Salt for my husband and one White Cheese for myself. We'd def. keep this prize for ourselves LOLThanks, Lisa

  16. i'd get Seasonings & Microwaves combo. $21.99. I would choose 3 packs of 94% fat free and my seasonings would be krazy ketchup, cheddar, and dill-irious

  17. I follow via GFC as Glogirl.I would probably give the gift card away as a gift.

  18. I would love to gift this to my niece and nephew for Christmas. They love popcorn and i am low on funds this year!

  19. I have followed with FC for a while. mmmmm popcorn! I think I would have to get some carmel corn..mmmmm

  20. Teena in Toronto says

    Kernels rocks!

  21. Follow you on GFCI would use it to buy popcorn for my son's preschool at the Christmas party this year!

  22. We are a popcorn loving family if I won the gift card I would purchase popcorn and have a movie night with the family and have a pig fest! :)also following via gfc – ginette4

  23. Follower GFC(tamaraben)I would use the gift card to send gifts to my brothers for the holidays

  24. GFC follower gibberish & if I was lucky enough to win, I'd get some treats for the family at Kernels.

  25. gfc followerAnneI would use it to buy the grandkidlets popcorn treats!tynancyrobster at gmail dot comRAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  26. Not sure what flavour, probably double butter, and I'd get a big party bucket!

  27. My son and I go to Kernels every week when we visit Sherway Gardens with my mom. We always get a large Buttersalt.

  28. Follow you via GFC (Sweet Panda)I would use it to buy a big bucket of caramel popcorns for my hubby and my kidssweetpanda2010 at gmail dot com

  29. deanna_boocock says

    I love the caramel corn – GFC deanna_boocock

  30. i follow you on gfc…and this would be going to my bff who loves kernels

  31. i would buy the 2 gallon tin with creamy caramel

  32. I Follow this blog via GFCI would use my gift card from Kernels Popcorn to get some yummy seasonings

  33. My daughter loves white cheddar popcorn so i would probably get thatJodiT

  34. I will gift it to daughter as she likes popcorn in various

  35. Their double butter carmel is to die for so guess who will be eating it me!!follow you by gfccalvert0 at telus dot net

  36. I'd use it to get some popcorn for my family. I'd buy as many flavors as I can afford with the gift card

  37. I'd spend the whole amount on caramel corn.bidchka at gmail

  38. I would buy pink popcorn like when I was a kid.bidchka at gmail

  39. I would use it to get a cool gift for my son for xmasbluebelle0367(at)hotmail(dot)combelinda mcnabb

  40. I follow you on gfc as Jennifer L.I'd give the gift card to my sister and her family as a gift. It would go great with a dvd or gift cards for the movies.jentam777 at gmail dot com

  41. I follow on GFC – and I would use the GC towards some yummy Kernels popcorn for my employees for Christmas.

  42. bigdisneyfan says

    I follow on GFC and I would spend this on snacks for me and my family. We love Kernels popcorn! My favorite is the light caramel.

  43. I LOVE Kernals! No mall visit is complete if you don't go home with some Kernals.

  44. I'd get me some popcorn! Huge Kernels fan here!

  45. If I won I'd buy some large bags of Thai sweet chili and double caramel. That's my fix!

  46. I would probably keep it for myself I love Kernels white cheddar popcorn!amym_brown

  47. Follow via GFC Luet02I would buy some tubs of popcorn for the kiddos for Christmas! Probably the Sponge Bob one's!

  48. I would buy a couple of bags of Double Double butter for my Mom and I. Like old times!

  49. We'd pick out our own flavours for a family movie night!

  50. I would use it to buy popcorn and share with my co-workers.

  51. I follow and I would give this GC to my hubby… he LOVES popcorn and loves this place!

  52. I would use it for one of my movie nights with the boyfriend. stock up on some delicious popcorn to snack

  53. I would buy the kids some popcorn at the mall or give it to my nephew for x-mas

  54. nicolthepickle says

    I would use some of it as a gift for my girl :).

  55. I would use the gift card to treat my sister and cousin, and then maybe treat myself 🙂

  56. It's just my li says

    I would use this gift card for my daughter who LOVES kernels popcorn

  57. It's just my li says

    I Love double butter and my daughter loves whatever festive mix they have at the time… the fruit flavoured popcorn

  58. I follow on gfc (FOKXXY)(also my rafflecopter name)I would give it to my son.

  59. I would take the kids to the mall and let them choose their own special popcorn for family movie night

  60. I would use to when I go shopping at the mall with my daughter!

  61. I'd use it for snacks for "movie night" at home

  62. Bee W Bedard says

    following you via gfc and I would give the card to my kids to use

  63. I would get oh Canadian cheddar 😀

  64. follow by gfc – daylebWould give it to my two boys, they sure do lovetheir popcorn.Fun containers too. dayle b at telus dot net

  65. GFC follower Soozle and I would pick up some of their cute containers.. possibly filled with dill pickle popcorn 😉

  66. I would share with my boyfriend! We'd buy ourselves tons of cheesy dill and caramel corn 🙂

  67. I would give it to my Nephew for Christmas

  68. I would buy a couple of 1 Gallon Party Pails

  69. I would use the Kernel Giftcard to buy some much deserved snacks of yummy popcorn

  70. I love their popcorn. I would use the card myself


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