Home of the White Squirrel

This morning when I was walking with my daughter I happened to notice a squirrel without a tail. The no tail, is not the only reason I noticed him. I also noticed he was much lighter than all the other squirrels around him. He was a light tan colour. Most of the squirrels around here are black or brown. So he stood out more than the others. This squirrel made me think about a place I visited often as a child. 

Exeter Ontario Canada, home of the white squirrel. 

I know over the years as we traveled throughout Canada, my dad or my husband would talk about the white squirrel and people would look at them like they were nuts. Well we would pull up the website and show them the pics, and they had no choice but to believe us. 

It is kind of funny that the reason for the squirrels colour is said to be the result of a mutation. If you read my recent post about the world having less than 2% redheaded population, you would know that red hair is also thought to be the result of a mutation. 

Upon further research I have found that there are a few locations throughout North America that have the white squirrel. however, in general, they are very rare. They are not albinos. No matter how you feel about squirrels in general, it is hard not to think the white squirrel is not a nice looking animal.  The white squirrel is VERY commonly seen in Exeter. My family even tells me of a time the community was upset because someone introduced squirrels that were black , brown and grey in the area and they were concerned they would become rare there. Its been years since I myself have seen one. I should go visit 🙂

If you are in Ontario and would like to see the white Squirrels for yourself Check out Exeter
and make sure you have your camera ready!


  1. I've actually seen a white squirrel, but it wasn't in Exeter…not sure where I was living at the time, but it was around my house. Very cool for sure.

  2. wow, I have never seen one of those before. never even heard of it

  3. Wow. I had no clue that white squirrels existed. Nice pics!

  4. I've never seen a white squirrel! I had no idea!

  5. I've never seen one either! Very pretty, though!

  6. The Spring Mount 6 P says

    That is beautiful. I wish I could see one

  7. I live in Clinton, Ontario and we also have quite a few white squirrels. The other day I had a black squirrel, a grey squirrel & a white squirrel on the lawn at the same time, should have taken a photo!

  8. Katirna Brady says

    I've never seen a white squirrel either. I kinda like him 🙂

  9. i have never seen a white squirrel..thanks for sharing…

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