Looking for #EqualCanada at Red Lobster #CBias

The other day my dad was in the hospital having surgery. I went with my mom to go and visit him along with little one. The drive alone was an hour long just to get into town. After visiting my dad for a while little one was ready to go home. We knew we could not last the drive back without having lunch. Not living in the city we also like to take advantage of visiting all the great lunch spots when there. 

It was my moms turn to treat me to lunch as I got last time so she chose to take us to Red Lobster. This has always been one of my favourite spots to eat. Not sure why so many have shut down lately, but when I find one I am happy. 

When we arrived it was smack dab in the middle of lunch. The place was busy and we had to wait a few minutes to be seated. Little one loved this because she had a chance to check out the lobster tank. I think this was her first time at a Red Lobster. Our hostess sat us at a booth, which was nice (I prefer them for some reason) and our server arrived very quickly. He introduced himself and was very pleasant. We ordered our drinks and were happy how quickly they arrived. He also gave us the lunch menus to look over. There were a few specials on the menu at this time too. 

Earlier while waiting for our drinks to arrive, my iced tea and my moms coffee. (little one got an orange pop) I looked around on the table for sweetener. I was hoping to see Equal Sweetener  at the table. Sometimes I found if restaurants make their own iced tea it is not sweet enough and I may add to it. As well my mom is always looking for sweetener for her coffees. She is on various medications and finds lowering her sugar intake to benefit some of them. But instead I saw some long thin packs in various colours with the Red Lobster logo on them. I read the back and was looking for a product name. “Sweetener” was all I saw and the ingredients. 

When our server arrived to bring our appetizers I asked him if there was any Equal sweetener. He replied that these packets were Red Lobsters version of sugar and two sweeteners. I asked him if there was a brand and he did compare them to one, but sadly it was not Equal.

Soon after that our food arrived and tasted great. Little one just wanted to colour on her kids menu and she did not eat much.

Mom and I both ordered stuffed sole and little one had chicken fingers and fries. She did not finish all of it and we took the rest home. 

When our server arrived with our bill I asked him again about the sweeteners. (I am not sure if he thought I was a bit obsessed or not lol ) I asked if the customers seemed happy with the variety and he replied that as long as there was sugar and an alternative they never complained. I also asked if there was a way to request a specific brand or more variety. He said there was a survey to fill out on the receipt if I had any suggestions. 

To be honest with you, I felt the variety they offered was great. If someone wanted a specific brand like Equal and they ate there often, then maybe it would be worth suggesting. Red Lobster is a big chain of restaurants and they like to keep everything the same at all their locations. I understand that.  The service was great, the location very clean and the food was fabulous. 

This location and Red Lobster in general will be seeing my family again. I wish I can say often, but living at least an hour away from one makes this hard to do. Not to mention a big family makes this an expensive meal 🙂

If you would like to know more about Equal Canada or where you can find it and how you can use it follow them on twitter @EqualCanada and Equal Canada on Facebook

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study forCollective Bias. #CBias all opinions expressed are honest and of my own not influenced in any way.


  1. Teena in Toronto says

    I haven't been to Red Lobster in years! I loved their cheesy biscuits.

  2. We try to treat ourselves to Red Lobster every month. We don't really eat at any other restaurants or fast food places. We have been enjoying the Endless Shrimp deal ending on Nov 14. It started way back in Sept, so we just got our third Shrimp feast in :)I've noticed the sweetener packets there too. I always carry a little baggie of splenda in my purse though, because I find most places don't offer it…it's a little more expensive then the others.

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