Recipe To Riches – Creamy Kulfi

I had hoped to get this up earlier. However I had a bit of a difficulty finding some of the ingredients in my local grocery stores.  Then when I finally found them , I was happy how quickly the entire process of preparation was.  Everything mixed up quickly and I could smell the creamy sweetness. The recipe says to let sit in the freezer fro 6 hours. i have had it in for 12 and I can not get it to harden up. However it is the prefect hardness for ice cream. And it is very tasty.

Here I have all the ingredients mixed up. This process was really easy and very quick to do. 

I did not have a glass container so I placed it in a rectangle lined cake pan. It seems to work out just the same. 

The finished product (not completely frozen) in its ice cream form. Tastes very creamy, a little sweet. I like the faint nutty tastes combined with the slight taste of rosewater . For the complete recipe you can visit The Food Network

My kids enjoyed this and my mom is planning on visiting Loblaws so she can pick some up for company they have visiting tomorrow. it is a hit in our house.  If I can get it to harden up more and keep the kids away, I will try to snap another pic. 

Note:I added the pistachios to the mix instead of as a garnish, hoping to make it more kids friendly. (it worked )


  1. Looks good, can't wait to go buy some this weekend!!

  2. I've never heard of this, it sure looks interesting

  3. Wow! Smart to mix in the pistachios! I just sprinkled on top as a garnish, but Little One picked them off. Funny. She likes pistachios on their own, but not in her ice cream! Yours looks really pretty too! I have to say that this is soooo creamy and soooo delicious, I could eat it every day! LOL!Was this the recipe you were hoping would win? I saw on the FB page that many wanted the S'mores to win. Mehhhh…S'mores seem so ordinary. Not that I have anything against them. They're great for campfires, but I just feel like it's something I can do at home and wouldn't want to buy it in the store. That's just my opinion. lol 😉

  4. Multi-Testing Mommy says

    My little guy won't touch ANYTHING that has nuts in it – he doesn't like the texture. I think this looks yummy for me to try out though!

  5. Looks yummy, will have to try it out.

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