Write to Santa and he’ll Write Back

Over the years the letters from Santa are less and less personal and more of a form letter. Not even multiple form letters. I remember as a kid my sister and I would write to Santa and each of our letters were different. Over half of the letter was personalized with comments about the letter we wrote, gifts we requested and special best wishes. 

Now a days kids can still write to Santa and get their letters responded too. My kids do not know of the days when the letters were more personalized so they are thrilled with any response they get. Writing to Santa has become a tradition in our home. Sometimes we hand their letters in during the Santa Claus parade and sometimes we mail them in. Last year our post office had a really cute little festive mail box just for Santa letters. My kids thought it was great to put their letter into the festive box and wait for Santa to respond. The volunteers at Canada Post make sure that every child that writes to Santa gets a letter in return. I even saw that you can email your letter to Santa now on their site. I think I would prefer the traditional letter though 🙂 Looks like they have games and other holiday features on their site this year too. 

If you have never written a letter to Santa or have forgotten the address here it is (for Canada)

Don’t forget your return address!

No stamp required

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  1. One of my most favourite holiday traditions to do with my children – the annual letter to Santa. So far I have saved each reply from Santa too.

  2. Last year B1s school did it with him, but I think my middle son would love this too. Maybe I will get him to write Santa. Last year he was jealous and we called Santa (funny enough same number as my dad 😉 ). So what does a 2 yr old ask for when he has Santa's ear? Juice.

  3. thanks for the info I'm going to do this with my daughter this year

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