How I am Teaching my Little One the Importance of Giving at Christmas

Growing up I was taught how important it was to help others throughout the year and especially during the Christmas season – I want to pass this lesson along to my daughter E as well. When I was younger my family would always donate money so that families less fortunate would be able to have a Christmas meal and some gifts for their children. My Mom and Dad still continue to do this every year.

Even before E was born J and I always bought gifts for our local children’s gift tree and last year she went shopping with us, picked out some toys for the other children and came with me to donate them. This Holiday season we are donating to a local shelter for women and their children who are escaping an abusive relationship. I cannot imagine how these women feel and believe it is important that they receive all the help they can receive. They leave their homes with very little, if anything at all, and I hope our gifts help them forget their troubles, if it is only for the moment.

So if you are able please remember to help and there is no amount that is too small – it will always bring a smile to someone. 

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  1. Multi-Testing Mommy says

    It is very important to me to teach my children about giving and giving back especially at this time of year!

  2. We always like to give back, and teaching kids to do so too, especially at this time of year when everything is so give me give me for kids. We do the samaritans purse box every year. Also hubbys work does clothing and food drives, and we always give to that too. I explain to the kids why we are giving things away.

  3. It's just my li says

    I teach my children to give all the year through… great post!

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