I am not Cheap Just because I use Coupons and Neither are my Readers!

Its been a while since someone has made me feel like crap because I choose to save money. I look for deals, watch fliers and yes I use coupons. I have had the other customers in line at the store roll their eyes because my check out process has taken ten minutes longer than most. I have had cashiers get annoyed that they need to call a supervisor for override because my coupons have saved me $60+ at a time.  But for the most part, they all want to know how they can get coupons and savings too. 

It is not easy to be a stay at home mom. We chose for me to stay home with the kids. We also have had to sacrifice many things for me to stay home with the kids. I chose years ago to collect and use coupons to help my family. If we save $60 on groceries then that is an extra $60 for entertainment or clothes. My kids are all healthy and clean. My teens have all the latest electronics and brand name clothes. I am not cheap!

I am writing this post today as I am a bit upset. Scratch that, I am extremely offended. I had recently been emailing a small business about doing a review and possible giveaway on my blog. This blog. At first the emailing was going pretty routine and fairly well. then I was not getting any responses. Well I have been told before that my emails have ended up into spam a few times. Sometimes due to my signature containing my url. So in my last attempt email I wrote the following 


I have been sending you emails with no response. Not sure if they are going to spam or if you have not recieved them. Trying one last time. Please let me know if this arrives.



Now I am a big girl. I get the “sorry we are not a right fit” or the “Sorry we can not accommodate at this time” etc any response is better than no response (Please hear this PR reps) However I was very put off by the response I got. Now keep in mind I had been corresponding back and forth with no issues. I even sent her contact a few friends who you all read their blogs. So YOU are their audience too.  I am not after a freebie either. When I review a product, I actually review it. I take the time to test it and then write my true findings. 
Here is the response

I’m sorry I didn’t respond right away, but I was wondering if you audience

was the right one for my products. Your “about me” said you were about

coupons and savings. Well, It’s true my clothing will last longer but

they’re not exactly cheap. I will think about it and I will contact you


thank you



Now I could tell you the companies name, but I will not. I never once suggested that their products were cheap. After reading their response I was offended and in return responded. My feelings were hurt and I truly feel people need to know how their words effect people. This is my response. Keep in mind that my “about me:” says “saving the family budget one coupon at a time”

You read the about me, but nothing else obviously. As I have posted a lot of items that are not cheap in anyway. Vacations, appliances and high end clothing. Thanks anyway. I am actually offended at this point. All the best

Now I wonder why anyone would feel that because I use coupons and my readers do as well, that we are beneath them? 

I am not concerned about her even reading this as my “cheap” blog is not something she would be interested in. I have worked with many companies. Some big, some small. I have promoted third party contests. I have connected fellow bloggers with companies. I have received payment and products with high value. Extreme quality and in return the companies have all gotten great results. There is a reason you see some products repeated here. They like me. They like my blog and they like the results they get. I have moved on and am actually glad I saw this
woman for what she is before it was too late. 

I think I am posting this because I often just tell you about the great stuff. The glorious side of blogging. I am always happy to answer questions if anyone has them. Jumping to conclusions and judging my blog and my readers based on 1 word really ticks me off. 

Have you ever been looked down on because you use coupons or consider yourself frugal?

If being smart makes me cheap, then I guess maybe I am 🙂

Thanks for letting this ginger rant.


  1. Ooo, this makes my makes my blood boil~ as a couponer, blogger, and as your blog follower. I have been looked down on for couponing and price matching. Which is why I only started sharing my tricks of the trade recently. I save an average of $20 to $40 a week on my grocery bill to put somewhere else as needed. You're right-It makes us SMART, not CHEAP.Thank you for sharing this darker side of blogging, and I'm sure you'll have better opportunities open up though this one may have slammed the door on your "Cheap" audience.

  2. Unbelievable!!!

  3. it really is ignorant to judge someone like this, and not only you but your entire readership?? I have no idea why coupons get a bad rap, saving on the grocery bill means you have more money to spend on quality clothing- like hers claim to be. really disappointing 🙁

  4. Sober Julie says

    This is shocking, if this company understand the power of Social Media at all they've just shot themselves in the foot!It's bizarre that this is their viewpoint, who doesn't now that Mom's save money where they can in order to spend it elsewhere???

  5. Katrina Brady says

    This is digusting! Coupons are a smart way to shop and ALL readers are potential buyers. at the way some PR treat bloggers!!!

  6. BOO!Well, what do they say– Karma is a bitch and will get ya!She's got hers coming one day.

  7. I am glad you called her on this behavior–yes, marketing has niches…but being smart and using deals and coupons on TOP of finding excellent products–well, I agree–that is plain SMART:) I often talk about saving money. From my perspective, there are many charities that can use anything I can share! Anyway, thanks for a heads up. That would've upset me also.

  8. Wow. That it unbelievable!! There is NOTHING wrong with finding ways to save money. That doesn't make you LESS than someone else or give anyone the right to judge you for it.At the end of the day though – it is THAT company that is losing out. I have purchased MANY products after reading about them on blogs OR winning one first in a contest.. I have also used that to spread the good word to others.Social media, like blogs, are the way of the future to get your brand name out there.. If they are too silly to realize that, it's their loss.

  9. In return, I can say her reply was arrogant, and obviously has more money that brains. How is that for stereotyping. I don't want her overpriced clothes. I am proud to be frugal, and smart, than the opposite.Sorry, but that reply is too hoity toity for me. Two steps forward girl, you don't need that step backwards.mommakoala

  10. This is complete garbage. How dare she judge you like that? Using coupons does not mean you are cheap or poor. It just means you prefer not to spend money when you don't have to. The vast majority of people who use coupons are middle class. What utter nonsense. Not to mention some of the most successful blogs out there with the greatest readership and return value for reviews are coupon blogs! Clearly this woman has absolutely no idea what she's talking about. I am offended for you, and I'm glad you won't be reviewing her stuff. She doesn't deserve it!

  11. Must be nice to be a wealthy owner of a clothing company *eye roll* It honestly floors me to hear about people judging people for being frugal. The genius of couponing effectively means that you can afford other things in life. Maybe paying rent or maybe buying an expensive skirt. A savvy frugalista knows that blogs are a great way to find out about savings, and honest opinions about products. I value the opinions of many bloggers, and with this blog, I appreciate the honesty expressed. Keep up the great work Gingermommy- many of us value and appreciate your opinions, tips, and contributions!

  12. Just Us Girls says

    Wow! I think that's all I can say. You summed it up pretty much and good for you for responding to her and thank you for sharing this with us.

  13. Wow, ouch! I would totally be offended too! I have been couponing for a long time and it's just been lately that I've noticed I have less judgments when I do. But yeah, there is always that one person who will be nasty or rude about couponing because they just don't get it!

  14. That was totally uncalled for but you responded in a professional manner making you the bigger person. We’ve ran into problems at the store with customers who have been told that if they don’t like the fact that I’m saving money they can go to a different cash. I’m the one walking away with an extra chunk of cash in my pocket not them!

    We’ve also had problems with PR’s. A lot of them are hired interns that only stay around for a few months. Those one’s can be real a**holes. Not much you can do but move onto more customer friendly companies.

    Great post 🙂

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