Flowers for Valentines Day and Other Occasions

Where has January went? It is almost February already and Valentines Day is just around the corner, have you got plans?

After many years of marriage and a house full of kids, we really do not go out and do anything fancy for Valentines Day. A part of me wishes we did, but the other part would appreciate random “just because” gestures of affection throughout the year. Things like grabbing a quick lunch together, dinner out. Or even better, dinner in and not cooked by me. I also like flowers. I think it sometimes takes spouses a while to realize that great gifts for her can be as simple as flowers. I can remember every time hubs has given me or sent me flowers. Not because it was so little, but because it was so meaningful. Of course I got flowers after the birth of our children and on my birthday. A bouquet for no reason is nice too. I also think that Valentines Day is the perfect time to send flowers.  arrangement can be made from any flower that is available, in season and for a price. More rare flowers would be a bit more money. I guess for Valentines day, roses would be the popular choice. They are advertised everywhere right now. On billboards, in store windows, online and on the radio. 

Of course just like anniversary gifts you can get creative with your gift giving ideas.  Flowers are not the only item that will melt hearts. Maybe a shopping spree, jewelry or chocolates.  Maybe you are creative or handy and can make something to gift. This time of year the stores are plastered with romantic ideas. My oldest kids are spending their first Valentines day in a relationships this year. It is always interesting to see what they have planned. Gone are the days of cupcake baking and paper hearts for them. There was something comforting about the cartoon Valentines day cards, each gifted with a little chocolate or sticker. I will look forward to this when little one starts school next year. As kids get older they get more expensive and the gifts they pick out for others get pricier too. I really can not complain. My kids have jobs and they pay for them their selves. It is a proud moment when they think of others. Also a bit of a sad moment knowing they are growing up. 

As far as gifts go it was just the odd birthday gifts we were giving to friends and non family members. Gift cards were always our last minute go to gift when the kids went to parties. Without breaking the bank I think the idea of flowers for them to gift will be best. The price is right, they look nice and if you are really creative you can dry them or press them to keep forever.  If they were older or in a longer more serious relationship I could see them spending more money on gifts. 

What do you usually buy for Valentines Day gifts? Do you like getting flowers just because or for special occasions? I personally am not a roses kind of gal. I like more of a variety, bright colours and somewhat of a tropical flare. 

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