Ford and driver Safety

As many of you know earlier this month I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Auto show in Detroit with Ford Canada. I also got a behind the scenes look at Ford itself. Being a mom to teens I was extremely concerned about driver safety. Especially new driver safety. The Ford My Key feature was a great feature for me to learn more about. It gives parents the added comfort of being able to monitor their teens while driving alone. Being a mom however made me want to know more about safety in general. Are my kids safe in the car? What measures has Ford taken to assure my families safety? You know. mom stuff 🙂 

Well I am happy to have some safety tips for you all from Ford directly. 

Today, Ford announced an increased investment in Driving Skills for Life. The Driving Skills for Life program teaches newly licensed teens the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what they learn in standard Drivers Ed programs. Vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teenagers. Even more, U.S rural teen drivers are nearly twice as likely to be killed in crashes compared to their urban counterparts. The program’s online toolkit contains information on topics such as how to scan for potential hazards, handling your vehicle’s size and weight, and managing your speed behind the wheel, among others. There are also interactive games and quizzes noting the importance of eco-driving to personal safety and the environment.

Learning isn’t just for teens. There’s plenty that parents can do to help encourage safe driving habits as well. I encourage you to share this information with anyone who has a teen getting ready to learn how to drive, or recently just got behind the wheel.

I was a married mom of three by the time I got my drivers license. These tips are important for all drivers. It does not hurt to refresh your skills and knowledge every once in a while either 🙂

Disclosure-I received airfare, food and accommodation while attending  Detroit with Ford. I was not asked to write this post. All opinions are honest and of my own. Product and safety information provided by Ford.


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