Have you tried Juicy Fruit Dessert Gum?

I love gum! I love the flavour and the price. I like to chew it between meals and while on a long drive.It is great when I am out and there is no possible way of brushing my teeth, Gum helps me get that fresh feeling in my mouth that I can not get from mints. I was recently sent some gum from Wrigley’s. well actually a lot of gum lol This is not like any other gum I have ever tried before. This gum has a unique flavour. 

Have you ever had a craving for a thick piece of delicious apple pie in the middle of the afternoon, but weren’t able to get your hands on a slice? Have you ever wanted a sweet frozen treat in the thick of winter, but couldn’t bring yourself to buy one? Canada, we are in luck! Juicy Fruit®/MD is thrilled to be launching a new line of gum from coast-to-coast called Juicy Fruit DessertsTM/MC, a sugar-free gum with the irresistible flavours of our favourite desserts that will satisfy your sweet cravings at any time of day or year.

Juicy Fruit DessertsTM/MC gum is now available on Canadian store shelves in three mouth-watering flavours – Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Crème Pop and Apple Pie. The gum tastes just like your favourite dessert! Take Strawberry Shortcake as an example, all from one stick of gum Canadians can experience the array of flavours from the crust, to the sweet fruit filling, to the whipped cream topping. Whether you are a fan of cake, frozen treats or pie, Canadians now have the chance to choose from an exciting selection of this delicious-tasting gum.

My favourite flavour is apple Pie. My kids like the Orange cream pop. We find the Strawberry shortcake to be nice but a little on the sweeter side. This is odd though as the gum is sugar free (but you do not taste the artificial substitute flavour) I love the packaging too. The pieces are long and thin and the packaging fits nicely in a pocket or purse. 

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Disclosure-I received the above product for review purposes. all opinions expressed are honest and my own

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