Preparing for College- To live at home or not

As many of you already know we have been planning on our oldest attending college in the Fall. It seems like it is way more planning than I remember anyone else ever mentioning. There are the tours, the research, the cost, the living arrangements. Not to mention, grades, friends and what courses are going to be the best choice. Only one semester left of high school and our daughter still is not positive she has picked the right classes. She really does not have any idea what she wants as far as a  career. I realize at 18 it is hard to commit to the rest of your life, but at this point it feels like the first year is going to be a waste of cash. Nothing more than “the college experience” . That being said, I am hoping she finds her groove quickly. We are here to support and discuss. Sadly she does not always agree with us. And the whole learn from our mistakes speech gets the eye roll.

The big discussion lately has been accommodation. Both schools she has applied to are less than an hour from our house. We (her dad and I) feel she should stay home for the first year. Save money. Get use to all the “new” that college brings, then plan on residence or student housing for the second year at the earliest. She could not disagree more.

Below are the points we are looking at. Trying to see both sides. 

Live at home                                                                               Live on campus
-save money                                                                         -cost of residence, food, 
 -close family support                                                           -friends
-endless food                                                                        -the college experience
-use of car                                                                             -public transportation
-gas and insurance paid                                                      -student loan
-help with school expenses                                                  -room mate (good and bad)
-country living                                                                         -city living
-daily commute 
-opportunity for PT employment

I have no problem with her planning on moving out. However the ever changing mind drives me nuts. I worry she will find a room mate and end up not liking her, or eating. For the first year, the support at home out weighs everything she can say about living on campus. And honestly, the extra $7000 for residence seems ridiculous to me. Whenever she brings up a reason why she wants to live on campus, we ask her a question or state a point. Her reaction, “Oh, I never thought about that” . 

I am hoping the talks of living away from home for the first year are over. If she was working part time or had money or and items to get her started, maybe it would be different. Right now it just feels like she is thinking the grass is greener on the other side. 

I hope this process gets easier with the next 🙂

Off to help her research some grants (bursaries) she is eligible for 


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