Some of the highlights from my recent trip to Detroit

Now that I have recouped from my busy 3 days in Detroit I wanted to share with you all some of the highlights from my trip. I believe there were 22 bloggers from Canada and then 147 from all across the world there with Ford. I had not been on a plane in many years so it was an experience right from the first moment. 

I am so thankful for this experience. The knowledge of not only cars and Ford but the work that is behind the scenes and plans for the future was amazing. Technology has really come a long way. So amazing! There are a few parts of my trip I will go into more detail about later. But for now here is a teaser. 

The following pictures were taken inside the  Henry Ford Museum’s Driving Americas Exhibit that was not yet open to the public

This museum is home to many important vehicles in history like the bus that Rosa Parks rode on, and the Kennedy presidential limo 

I didn’t realize I took so many pictures. I am going to be spreading these out a bit on twitter and Facebook as well. That evening we also had a wonderful buffet style dinner, cocktails and listened to the first of many great speakers.

Next day we were up bright and early 5AM I however had room key issues and could not get back into my rooom after stepping out for a second. Needing into my room because my purse and passport were in there I missed the first couple of buses and breakfast. Luckily I was on the last bus with four others and we made our way to COBO Center where there was another breakfast for us who missed it. We then all attended the Ford Press conference and saw the unveiling of the 2013 Ford Fusion then attended the North American International Auto Show, Amazing!

The 2013 Ford Fusion
Hot Wheels

I was loving the bright colours, classic cars and even muscle cars. I am not what I would call a car girl, but I do like when an automobile looks great. as a mom I like comfort, space and safety.

We had some down time then off to dinner. The food was great.

I need to tell you a funny thing about dinner that night. we had a cocktail hour before and there was veggies, cheese, crackers and some other stuff. The buffet ran out of plates and the men who were car guys, design bloggers etc started putting food on their hands and napkins. The “mommy blogger” was the only one to think about getting more plates. It was a blast. That night my feet hurt. I called home and had an early night.  The next day we were busy at workshops and pretty much hands on. Cameras were not allowed in many areas so I did not take any pics. After lunch we had the last of the speakers talk. Then a bus ride to the airport. 8 of us Canadians were on the same flight home to Canada. It was a quiet flight as we were all very tired. 

|If you want to see what the others were saying check out the #FordNAIAS tag on twitter

more pics to come



  1. Mommy Moment says

    Sounds like a fun & exhausting event. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into #FordNAIAS Cheers,JodyMommy Moment

  2. I love Detroit. I pretty much grew up between Windsor and Detroit. I am there every weekend. The museum is amazing for a car buff. I am a huge tomboy and I love me my cars, I go to the auto show every year! I'm glad all you lovely ladies got to experience Detroit and Ford. It seems you guys got behind the scene info which is amazing. I'm glad Ford cares enough to do this!

  3. Sounds really, really great! I love Ford's relationship with bloggers! That Ford Fusion is to die for! When my Civic lease is up I am going to take a look at one of those for sure!

  4. Look at those cars!! Oh I adore Fords and have never been to the museum despite my Hubby trying to convince me to get to go…I think I might have to re think this!Hope you are starting to feel caught up on your sleep. You crammed a lot in!

  5. Little Miss Kate says

    Looks like you had a great time. Those are some cool cars!!!I bet the museum was amazing to tour around.

  6. What a trip! thanks for sharing!

  7. 5am???? that is no holiday!! looks like a blast! my boys would love looking at all those cool cars

  8. WOW! What a fabulous experience!! Looks like you had such a great time! So excited to hear more!!

  9. Positively Pampered says

    Wow sounds like it was so much fun. I love the older cars and that is something I would have enjoyed for sure. Can't wait to see more pics!

  10. Just Us Girls says

    That sounds like a great trip, very busy, but the food looks delicious. I'm still LOLing at the men standing around using their hands instead of asking for more plates, I saw you post this on facebook too, I think I laughed for a good five minutes then too.

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